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    Quick TrueAnal Review:

    True Anal – well, there’s no making any mistakes about the niche involved here, is there now? Nevertheless, is it truly anally entertaining? Do they dazzle the fans of anal hardcore? Do they make the videos in resolutions of real quality? Are they capable to in fact compete against the more established hardcore anal pornsites? Questions of weighty validity indeed. This review is now tackling these questions to see what exclusive membership means for you when you do join!

    Ass buttocks are some of the most loved body features of pornstars online worldwide. People love ass, they love touching, slapping, kissing that ass. Maybe they know that that ass is the gateway to anal\pussy heaven! And it is. Youll come online to watch the films as pornstars teamwork on cock. Youll be treated to scenes of new faces of girls who are looking for a new anal planet of pleasure. Moreover, youll see different kinds of grinding power when it comes to the asses. Some of them are wobbly and large, tush that’s small and round, and every other size that exists between.

    In the threesome’s videos, the anal sex of the 2 babes becomes a competition, sorta. They compete to see who is deeper. They practice on who can gape better on cock. And this is not even close to the full descriptions of the videos updated inside. And can you believe these videos can be 1-hour plus in length? You receive videos of 40-71 minutes and they are dated. Each update comes with its trailer. Like said before, they mix up between couples and 3somes, and other niches include – ball gagging, messy facials, sex toys, speculum inspection, atm, cumshots creampies of all kinds, etc.

    The site includes all hardcore, and it’s often extreme towards the anal of the babes. For TrueAnal has sworn that wherever they go, and find amazingly sex females, they must leave the rectum raw and the ladies must orgasms! But, seriously now; what more is there inside? Exclusive (as the word implies) is the types of service membership inside affords. It’s exclusive, all for you to stream. The mp4 files you use are for full screen HD. Or you can select whatever other size is at hand, the options are there. New stuff first, that’s how the layout looks. It’s also a simple to process site that plays easy on eye. Youll not have a problem sampling any of the previews, descriptions included. In here are ninety plus films. The ass-beautiful-babes come in all shapes too, including from eighteen year olds to thirty.

    You can share videos online on social media platforms like Twitter, as they have those services available. They have mobile formats 360p for smaller sizes. All the security features for payment, that you need to feel comfortable, are offered. In the sorting of material, you’re given related content from the videos you select. That way, you can chase your rabbit hole as deep as you want. They have video-capture-images uploaded as their type of picture albums, because this pornsite is video dominated! They have not ventured much into making digital picture albums so far, and they need to move into 4K video resolutions soon. With updates weekly, there is something to watch. TrueAnal obsession with female rectum recreation hardcore sex is going to nourish your obsession nicely; join this place as well!

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  • Discount

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    Quick Review:

    All the performers inside the website are insane for cock, but in a smutty good way! With the 142 videos already in there, you will be saying what-the-fuck many times when watching the films. It is fantastic when jaded people can join a pornsite that literally makes the mind do some insane summersaults. There is scene yea, and it is most likely not the only scene, where there are 3 ladies and 1 guy. The guy, after having so much blowjob, is spread open. One of female tosses his salad ass areola with her tongue. Number 2 is wrestling with his ball sac with saliva dropping to the floor (wrestling with the nut sac with her mouth that is!) Number 3 is literally red faced choking eyes closed just being insane on the cock!

    All this is, is just some of the tamer things you are likely to discover inside after you take advantage of the discount offer. They call the ladies slobber addicts for a damn good reason. There are scenes of ladies coming with glasses; what for? To catch the fallen saliva and spunk in the glass; what for? To slurp it up or jizz it all over their mouths faces and tits. This pornsite is fixated on the messy deep fucking of mouths. It is matter of pride and principal for them. The ladies have a friendly saliva soaked competition to see whose mouth is wider, wetter.

    You will have white and black ladies competing inside. Normally in a scene, there is 1 male and 2 or more females for many updates in here. The females also are pornstars and new comers. pornsite contains the following features. Okay: the previews are nice for seeing massive amounts in less than a minute. If you are interested in doing more than that, you can load up on videos for watching in the best 1080p resolution. That is the best big file you can have inside and it is something like 3 gigabytes. So the numbers are somewhat dismal but all the videos they have are in this top resolution of HD. And bloody exclusive as well. You will deal with mp4 files too for 720p resolution.

    Mobile access of 360p resolution files is easy and common, and the other features are in the navigation design of the site. Each update is marked with description, telling you of the sort of play the babes will engage in. It includes things like tongue kissing, ass to mouth, saliva swapping, saliva vomit, cumshots, and removal of all the tonsils using only the dick! But seriously, you will find locations different as well camera work and final editing of the films.

    The menu is scenes, models, DVDs, member’s area. Members on social media sites are able to have links to videos of this site so that they can inform others of the sucking hardcore here. Anyway there is nothing convoluted inside. You just login and get updates weekly (2), and models who are between thirty to eighteen years. is about and only about the twisted side of blowjobs, so it is right up your alley! They offer discreet secure payment plans\deals, so just get to it today!

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  • Virtual Taboo Discount

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    Quick Virtual Taboo Review:

    VR porn is a new innovative idea brought into the adult entertainment industry which takes fans into an amazing adventure of fun-fill experience. This technology is taking this industry to the next dimension and allowing lovers of porn to get access to fantastic moments of online adult content. This is great, isn’t it? However, what about a combination of VR porn and step-family sex which is another niche that has been storming the industry over the recent time? This is what Virtual Taboo has in store for its members and in the highest quality content.

    This site has a collection of hot and horny porn stars and newcomers featuring in a variety of step-family sex actions which you can be part of by putting on a virtual reality device. This device will take you along in breathtaking hardcore sex, cock sucking, lesbian, threesome, anal, cumshot and facials, and lots of other fantasies with some of your favorite girls in this biz. Are you ready for 180⁰ immersive VR porn in the highest quality videos? Become a member with a low membership price and get inside immediately for a fun-fill ride.

    I think many of us are not new to virtual reality technology while its integration in the adult movie production has brought a lot of appreciations and excitements. Porn fans want great values for their money and this new idea has elevated the industry to some extent. With your VR headset properly put on and a scene fully downloaded in a good viewing format, you will find yourself getting very close and having hot sex with a top porn model.

    Virtual Taboo produces scenes that are shot to cover 180⁰ coverage of the room and come with excellent 3D sound and lighting. They have some of the hottest babes in this industry, like Nicole Love, Lucy Li, Gina Genson and Anissa Kate, featuring in a variety of fantasies that will suit everyone’s desires. They are horny girls of 18+years and are ready to make your step-sibling or step-parent lust come true. The site offers 100% exclusive VR content which is updated twice in a week. The content can be streamed or downloaded without a limit while the site continues to grow in size.

    The simple design of the site makes it easier to use and works perfectly on PCs, Tablet and other mobile devices. The homepage is nicely arranged with latest updates and there are several sorting options available to allow you discover everything that the site has in store for its loyal members. Members will get access to download and stream 80+ full HD and 4K videos with binaural audio quality. The scenes are compatible with several VR devices like Google cardboard, Vive, Oculus and Gera VR.  There is a photo set dedicated to each video that contains about 50 high-res pics to pick in zip files. Virtual Taboo offers exclusive content that you’ll not find elsewhere. There are free previews of the scenes which gives you the opportunity to have fun and taste a bit of the actions before paying for membership.

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  • Puffy Network Discount

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    Quick Puffy Network Review:

    There are great sign up deals included in every membership of Puffy Network which makes it one of the promising adult content platforms on the web. This is a mega-site that covers a variety of niches like blowjobs, peeing, hardcore, solo masturbation and pussy gaping. There are 5 sites included in your membership while the download of the full HD and 4K videos can be done without restriction. The library is big and still getting bigger with the weekly updates that have been regular over a recent time.

    This is a standard porn site you can rely on at any time to fill your fantasies to the fullest. They have 730+ girls presently featuring in more than a thousand videos and tons of high-res photos, and the content is 100% exclusive. The network is made up of sites that include Simply Anal, Euro Babe Facials, We Like To Suck, Wet And Pissy and Wet And Puffy. These sites cover several areas of adult niches that also include anal sex and deep throat cock sucking.

    A tour of the site will give you an impression that there is something for everyone in the members’ area. The layout is nicely arranged and the navigation system can’t be better than what they have here. The design of the site is good, simple and attractive. There are many things to see and savor when browsing through various pages and these include the latest updates that spread across the entire sites in the network.

    Puffy Network is mobile friendly, so you will have the chance to watch any of the videos on the go. You can as well enter any of the sites directly from the main page or browse them separately in a browser. You will immediately get access to all the sites when you sign up and an unlimited download or stream of 1,595+ full length movies in multiple viewing formats like wmv and mp4s files. The videos are coming in full 1080p HD, but the latest scenes can be viewed in 4K resolutions. They feature hot European girls who are mostly in the ages between 18 and 23 and comprise of porn stars and amateurs.

    The scenes are shot with the best quality cameras and the end-products come with excellent playback and sound. The lighting is impeccable too, while some of the scenes are shot in POV which gives you an even closer viewing experience. The photo collection is just as big as the video; in fact, they have the same number of photo set with 100+ high-res pics loaded in each. Puffy Network does porn the way it should be done and works with the best girls in the industry to give fans exactly what they want. They always look for luscious girls from all over Europe to make breathtaking hardcore, peeing, solo and lesbian sex for your viewing enjoyment. The network stands out in terms of quality and the content is growing steadily with new videos and photos added to the library multiple times a week. This is a network of five sites put into one package for you for affordable membership price.

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  • ClubDom Discount

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    Quick ClubDom Review:

    Fans of BDSM and femdom niches will find Club Dom irreplaceable to fulfill their fantasies. The site features merciless babes who will not hesitate to subject their men and women to all sorts of unpleasant conditions to achieve their sexual urges. These hot girls love to torment their men in jaw-dropping BDSM porn that is produced in full HD videos. The actions are hot and there is a lot of fun-fill experience to share with members of this site. The models are among the hottest girls in the adult entertainment industry that you’ll always like to see doing what they know how to do best.

    There are top porn stars in the models’ list that include Michelle Lacy, Vanessa Cage, Natalia Starr, Kendra Kate and Jamie Valentine. These girls are ruthless when it comes to making their men surrender completely to their wish and forcing women to lesbian sex. There are caning, domination, whipping, humiliation, strap-on fuck, bondage and lots of other niches you can think of. ClubDom delivers some of the best BDSM niches to satisfy the fantasies of their members and produces high quality videos and photos. The content is exclusive and will be seen only on this site, while updates are coming regularly, sometimes in every day. The collection is big, but you will find new movies that are added to the library each time you land in the members’ area.

    This is a femdom site that has been in the biz for two decades – so, these guys have gained huge experience in producing quality porn. The site has gone through regular revamping in order to improve its functions and to meet the modern trend. In this respect, the site looks great with exceptional design and works effectively with the simple navigation system. It has an excellent user interface and several sorting options and advanced search system that will facilitate browsing through different categories of porn and pages.

    The homepage has loads of sample updates and users will have the chance to see the girls in the models’ index. You can watch the movies on any of your mobile devices anywhere, anytime and have full access to download the scenes in various viewing options. However, there are other features like rating and favorite section.

    Members of ClubDom will get access to download or stream more than 2,800 full movies at this very moment. The movies are shot and directed by professionals with wealth of experience in porn production. The quality of the playback is excellent, while the sound as well as the lighting is great too. The length of the scenes varies and featuring beautiful Mistresses who will do everything to fulfill their sexual fantasies. The 295+ photo galleries have about 20+ high resolution pics each for members to download and save in zip files or to be viewed online in various dimensions. The collection is growing steadily with daily updates and the quality of the content continues to improve as well. This is an ideal site for those who find BDSM and femdom niches very appealing and eventually they’ll not be disappointed.

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  • AllHerLuv Discount

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    Quick AllHerLuv Review:

    If you love girl/girl porn with passionate romance and tension-filled erotic actions, then you will love All Her Luv – a promising new site doing lesbian niche that comes with taboo, blackmail and lots more. Here have top American porn stars in the models’ directory who are real lesbians and bisexuals to display their love for intimate romance, pussy licking and toy fucking in front of the camera. It is exciting to bring this new and impressive site to you, and it is an amazing experience to be among the first to review its operation and the deals it has for subscribers.

    This site was created by a porn director and producer who is also the owner of, which is a taboo porn site. It was launched in April 2017 to satisfy the demand of fans who want to see more of the quality porn delivered by the owner, but a girl/girl taboo sex this time. With top models waiting for you to join the site, you’ll surely feel the excitement of lesbian porn when you see their performances in scenes. Adriana Chechik, Emma Hix, Whitney Wright, Jessa Rhodes and Natasha Nice are among the popular American porn stars storming the adult entertainment world with their scintillating sexual prowess, and they are here again with other girls in lesbian encounter. AllHerLuv produces all-girl sex movies with many of them shot in threesome setting. The movies are made in full 1080p HD and there are high-res photos also available for your viewing enjoyment.

    Being a new site that is just trying to build its library, there are few scenes at the moment but they are worth watching. However, updates are regular, so you are going to see fresh movies coming every week. Though the site is coming at the time when lesbian niche is highly dominated by big porn networks and standalone sites, but with the quality of the girls and that of the content, it has a great future ahead.

    It has a basic design and looks very simple to use, especially with the users’ friendly features and easy to use navigation tools. It is mobile compatible and loads very fast on PCs, Tablets, iPad and Androids. The pages are well arranged and can be filtered using advanced sorting options. You will find latest scenes and photos on the homepages, as well as the stunning pictures of the girls in the models’ page.

    Some of the good stuffs you’ll get when you join AllHerLuv include weekly updates of the site and exclusive HD videos, hi-res photos and BTS. You will have an access to download or stream the videos in different viewing options. In addition, photos can be viewed online or downloaded and saved in zip files. Here is a unique lesbian site that is producing passionate girl/girl porn with erotic fun-filled storylines and real orgasms. There are various categories of niches for you to fill your fantasies and these are; BTS and Outakes, College, Dude Alert, Fetish, Futanari and Homewrecker, Squirting, Taboo, Toys and more.

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  • Reality Lovers Discount

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    Quick Reality Lovers Review:

    There’s no need to become coldly self-sufficient by yourself especially since you’re invited to join Reality Lovers, and all the fun that comes with it. What fun? Adult fun. This kind of fun is characterized by some of the following niches – orgasms, missionary, orgies, parties, rough sex, squirting, romantic, Asian (favorite!), cowgirl, buttplug, ebony, cum on tits, cheating, insertions, kissing, Latina lingerie lesbians milf masturbation massage and on and on the list expands! Your beautifully skeptical critical thinking mind is like saying, ‘can it all be true?’ It can, it is, and this pornsite is in the game of reality hardcore that involves the next technological step in entertainment, virtual reality.

    Once you have sampled, you will be an ardent advocate for turning all entertainment into 3D reality. In this website, with its navigation, you are free to see your trailers inside online by streaming. For now, the only option available to virtual reality video watching is by first downloading the film. Then you link your device to the VR headset you have. and for the videos here you have the appropriate options of the formats mentioned so that you know what will play on what device. Novices are taken by the hand, guided by instructions, shown how to be proficient in things related to virtual world. The tech astute among us knows what to do, and information is bountiful online.

    Reality Lovers pornsite gives unto the industry scenes with both points of view. It means ladies have their fantasies riled up when they can enjoy from the perspective the sexual trials of muscled beef-packed-penis men who are all ready to explode on them. The guys get their pov scenes where they can really sink into the fantasy of having sex with a barely legal babe. In both cases, there is the voyeur pov so that no one is left out. To understand all this, you can click on a couple of scenes to see how it is done or read the descriptions on offer.

    You can watch videos without your VR headset at quality that is lovely, and scenes are 20 minutes (most are around this average playtime anyway). The sound of the voices, moans, dirty talk, all help to dial it all up a notch as you see your body in virtual reality enjoying exploring exploiting the electric bodies of the babes. Variety of girls is from 18+ teens to so-called cougars in their thirties mostly. The list is of 132 pornstars, and the pornstars are involved in 1-6 or more films depending on how frequently they work with this production outfit. Pornstars can be arranged alphabetically. So far, the website uses format of films compatible with the following VR headsets – Oculus\Vive, Play Station VR, Ear VR, Smartphone.

    In the style of production, either you’re a participant (male\female) in the film in the pov angle, or you are outside watching in the voyeur position. Whatever position you choose, you get your money-worth back from the quality hardcore that plays out. The place has little in the way of many extras for you, but has a forum you can interact. Moreover, if you may have an inclination of wanting to perform as a pornstar, you should contact them using the link provided, always good to have fresh talent! Weekly the updates keep on coming, so now it’s time to be involved and to check out Reality Lovers.

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  • XEmpire Discount

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    Quick XEmpire Promo Code Review:

    X-Empire can and will be your favorite place, if you let it, once they have given you access to 4 pornsites. Yes, it’s a network deal meaning more advantages are soon to follow you when you step inside. The websites therein are – Lesbian X, Erotica X, Hard X and Dark X. Lesbian X shows you the models that are hardcore when sex with girls is involved. In the previews of the scenes, you’ll get action for double penetration lesbians, gaping, licking, fisting, and tattoos, Asian, ebony, Latina, milf, young, pornstars, orgies, threesomes, sex toys, dildos, squirting, fingering, ass plugs and so much more. These are not shy people but rather abrasive babes who want to orgasm while rubbing pussy together. They go after that female orgasm with real emphasis.

    Hard X is the place you’ll find a combination of factors, mostly including anal and pussy penetrations. The models are fucked doubly deeply inside their mouths and ass, and it includes the wet squirting athletic females you feel affection for. They have models with big and small firm boobs, use award winning artistic directors and male models, and all the filming tricks of the trade to have excellent videos. There are also babes who take on their first time gangbang scenes.

    The quality does not end there; it goes on inside the site Dark X. that is where the interracial happens. It happens between men with big cocks, ebony men, and females with wet vaginas, Caucasian women. It’s filmed to be emotionally provocative with absolutely no discreetness in how the hardcore is shown under the vivid lights. They also happen to have favorite male stars with their ebony 9-12 inch cocks used in sex hardcore. Then, last never least, you have the Erotica X. All kinds of emotions will be exploited by the performers in this place, from love to lust to romance to all kind of special flings. Former lovers are interested in rekindling sexual talks, swingers are hooking up, or daddy’s friend is doing the naughty wit the sexy young babe. The stories of erotic visions played here are many and intriguing.

    Therefore, in all this, XEmpire content looks to ebb and flow in many ways in many niches, thus they keep the fans entertained for a long ass time. Aside from that, there are more than 800 videos all together by now. And you, and them, together, can come over and enjoy DVD quality movies and high definition films. It’s possible to find DVDs out there, so the materials they have are between exclusive\non-exclusive.

    A scene, of course, under 30 minutes, DVDs are longer. The entertainment offers members picture albums too, and updates go on to this every month of this very year. And updates across the network are multiple. On your mobile and tablet, access is super easy, as well as navigation all over the place. Ratings and comments offer a way of sorting out updates, or just use features like latest, most watched, coming soon, behind scenes, and read about the essentials of the network according to their own descriptions. Navigation leaves you no headaches. XEmpire is a deal you must make sure to use, for if you do not, you may very well miss out on your exact favorite hardcore you’ve been searching for online all this time!

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  • Shoplyfter Discount

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    Quick Shoplyfter Review:

    For the site with the cleaver twisted English name of, there comes a time when these beautiful shoplifters caught have to pay for their damned sins! It is safe to assume nowadays that all stores have some sort of video surveillance in them, anyway the stores that care about security. Because people nicking stuff all the time is just not how you run a business. Why do they steal you ask? Adrenaline maybe. The idea of getting away with it may give many shoplifters the rush that they want. Soon as they are caught, holly molly things become real very fast for the criminals. In this pornsite, the drama of catching the thieves is one of the driving forces behind the films.

    You are the omnipresent viewer in this case. So, the story is set up for you as you are told what the girls have done. The security that is best is the security you cannot see, and that is what happens to the girls caught. They are apprehended by the officer and taken to the office. Now, the ladies will try to deny, accuse, cry, bargain, or do anything possible not to be held responsible for what they just did. It doesn’t work. Soon, the security fellow starts saying things like the police and jail and that’s when the real beginning starts.

    The movies in this place will be long. They have to be considering that there needs to be setup of the story. So you will have fifty-minute scenes mainly. Anyway, back inside the movie, the lady is made aware of an option, fucking. The babes are sexy, young, the look like they enjoy sex, so the security is asking to see a tit, grab an ass, and get some dick-sucking happening. And playing along with the theme that Shoplyfter is building, the babes caught will at first not be into it, but will not want to go to jail, so they do it. And with a hard dick in them, it’s impossible for the culprit babe not to start feeling sexually wet. They forget themselves and start moaning on that shaft.

    The videos are shot in CCTV styles and it helps to cement the story more into this fantasy. Now, to the quality of the films, well since the site is new they benefit from using 1080p resolution cameras. Since they are new, they have 70+ films of late. Since updates will continue to come weekly, they will have more. It’s an easy thing to browse. It’s an easy thing to comment, rate, and place films in your favorite’s selection. It’s another easy thing to use mobile and pc file formats, and the site calls the videos cases to keep in touch with the theme.

    All films are described, happen in the backroom, and you also get picture albums for each update. The pics are like 20-50 mostly in each album. Links to cam chats are around but cost more from your pockets. and you can always find deals for first month discount into this place. Only thing is the newness and small amount thus far of this place, and lack of bonus free sites\or\videos. Anyway, any babe caught doing the thieving gets the dicking hardcore style, so that’s what Shoplyfter is about!

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  • Mormon Girlz Discount

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    Quick Mormon Girlz Review:

    Website called MormonGirlz is going to throw you into a bender, a fit, a reexamining of all that you were thinking about when it comes to the Mormon thing. There’s a lot of information stuff you need to know (or maybe not) about the people who follow this set of religion. One major thing is that they are all about piety and stuff. It’s an old known religion founded many years ago. It’s much more pronounced in the USA where it was founded, more than it would be in other places.

    Mormons have different practices when it comes to sex couples and marriages according to how they see it anyway. Now, there is a practice of selecting new females who have just reached that age of seeding (as they like to say it!) These females are prized and brought into the temple. The females need to be accessed by the church elders, deacons, leader, or whatever else title is even to the men who are going to check the women’s pureness. Before she is to be a wife, or before been anointed as they say, the females have to be tested physically. These tests include blowjobs, pussy licking, anal, facials, and other sexual acts.

    Some of the very best females selected will go on to become revered members of the order and become priestesses in the church. The scenes of this place incorporate a weird pseudo religious taboo thing in the undertones, and they happen to have young legal 18-year-old babes. The women look like they are just becoming desirous sexually, with incredible slim features to those with bigger tits and ass. The girls have beauty too, like actual face beauty, and the site keeps making the films different. The stories can be about training the so-called virgin girls, or punishment, or retraining, or fits where the wives reward the husband with new young teen gifts. Clearly, creativity is not lacking; Mormon Girlz is a different kind of sexual story for many for sure!

    Anyway, you receive lesbian, threesomes, foursomes, couples, and group hardcore videos. They use a lot of white; white clothes; white scenes; white performers; white bright light; and so on. All films are theirs exclusively. Pornsite is simple, just videos and girls and the about-page (information about the site) and you’re set to go. Videos descriptions, weekly updates, links to the stream or downloads, are all features\options that are opened easily. The pornsite also uses a-z lists for the girls. They make sure you know lots about these girls, background, and supposed relationships they have had; so do read about these also like chapters in her life story.

    With Mormon Girlz, you do fantasize yourself to the maximum with content that comes in 1080p resolution. If you’re on the move using mobile devices, they have formats for those devices. Enjoy 540p to SD resolution quality. With this site, you have to really believe in its back-story to get the maximum enjoyment from the films. But if you don’t need all that, and just want awesome produced quality hardcore, this place is a good deal still. They may need to add way more videos in the updates to boost the number of 140+ even higher; but they’re on the ritualistic righteously believed path travelling towards their sexual divinity; so tag along for the ride which is exactly what you need!

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