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The English dictionary defines a tart as “a promiscuous woman or a woman who has sex for money” and that’s exactly what you are going to find on It certainly helps that all these women are as gorgeous as they are nasty, most of them petite nubiles. If like yours truly you have a soft spot for pretty petite babes, lube up and prepare for a fap marathon. The site is relatively new and only has 30 videos at the time of writing, but the videos are perfectly filmed with wonderful production values and incredible quality.

It Is All About Them Tarts

You will have a pretty good idea of what you can expect on this site the moment you land on the front page. They welcome you with sumptuous images of perky boobs and cocks swallowed by dripping cooters. I also love the pink and blue color theme which is easy on the eyes. Think of the site as a much sexier version of OnlyFans.

OnlyTarts does well to offer visitors 60-second video previews to give you a rough idea of what decadence awaits before you decide to write that check. One of the previews I watched featured a gorgeous teen masturbating using a gigantic while another featured a nasty-looking teen fucking her neighbor. The previews might be short, but they give you a mixture of everything from titty fucking to pussy sucking and every nasty thing in between. Arguably the best thing about the site is its lineup of models. You can jerk off to these young sluts starring in all sorts of fuck fests including taboo stepfamily scenarios, anal, dick riding, and masturbation among others. You will have your hand firmly in your crotch from the moment these ladies shed their clothes to reveal impeccable bodies.

This Virtual Taboo site has only been around for a minute so it’s understandable that their collection is not the biggest. At the moment, they only have 30 videos but with the promise of 8 updates per month, you can expect them to hit three figures before the end of 2023. The advantage of a new site is pretty much all the videos are incredible in terms of quality and production value. The videos are also quite lengthy, mostly running for an hour. With no download limit to deal with, you can download as many of the videos as you want which is not something you want to take for granted at this point.

For a site that has only been around for a short time, OnlyTarts is pretty impressive. They have some of the most beautiful young babes on the internet while the action will get you raging hard. The scenarios are super nasty and the videos are superbly produced. They may not have a huge collection, but they are doing much better than many new premium sites. The free preview vids are the icing on the cake.