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Manuel Ferrara was born on November 1, 1975, in Le Raincy, France. He’s a standout in the adult film world as both a star and director. Since 1997, he’s been known for his energetic acts and has greatly impacted the industry.

He’s won over 64 awards, with six prestigious AVN Male Performer of the Year titles. These honors show his exceptional skill and commitment. Across major events like the XRCO, XBIZ, and NightMoves Awards, he’s claimed many victories.

Ferrara has been in about 2,200 videos, proving his range not just in acting but also as a director. He’s also a family man, raising four kids while excelling in his career. His work ethic and creativity keep him at the forefront of the adult film scene, solidifying his position as a notable French-American talent.

Early Life and Background

Knowing about Manuel Ferrara’s start is key to understanding his rise. He was born Manuel Jeannin on November 1, 1975, in Le Raincy, France. His story is steeped in his French roots and the quiet life of Gagny.

Birth and Family

In Le Raincy, Manuel Ferrara began his journey. He grew up in Gagny with both Spanish and French influences. His parents, a Spanish mother and a French father, taught him important life lessons. But, at 17, he lost his father, a moment that deeply shaped him.

Education and Early Aspirations

Manuel Ferrara didn’t always dream of being in adult films. Back in Gagny, he was working towards being a P.E. teacher. Even though his path changed, his early schooling and family values were vital. They helped build the strong work ethic he’s known for today.

The Rise of an Icon: Manuel Ferrara

From the start of his adult entertainment career to becoming known worldwide, Manuel Ferrara’s journey is remarkable. He joined the industry in 1997 while at university, after spotting an ad in a French adult magazine.

Debut in the Adult Film Industry

Ferrara chose his professional name to honor French boxer Stéphane Ferrara. He quickly made a name for himself, starring in many French and European productions. His scenes are known for their variety and lasting around 30 to 40 minutes.

Breakthrough Performances

Hitting the big league with Stagliano’s “Fashionistas,” Ferrara became a star in the U.S. This role brought him international fame. He won 9 awards from 27 nominations and is very popular, with over 6.0 million page views.

Influence of Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi had a big impact on Ferrara’s career. As his mentor, Siffredi helped Ferrara grow and reach new heights. Thanks to this guidance, Ferrara combines his European and American experiences well.

Ferrara’s lasting influence and diverse skills show he’s an icon in the industry. He’s respected as both a performer and a professional model.

A Career Full of Awards and Recognitions


Manuel Ferrara is a giant in the adult film scene, admired for his lasting creativity and effort. He has won over 64 significant awards, marking him as a leading force in the industry.

AVN Awards and Records

Ferrara dominates with six AVN Male Performer of the Year titles, showing his unmatched ability. He stands out with more than 1200 roles and 14 nominations, confirming his leading role in the adult film domain.

Other Major Accolades

Ferrara’s success also includes the XBIZ Male Performer of the Year 2009 award. He’s backed by top honors from XRCO and the NightMoves Awards. His directing career is equally impressive, with over 120 films under his supervision.

Notable series like “Slutty & Sluttier” and “Evil Anal” bear his creative touch. These works reflect his deep commitment to his art.

Inductions into Halls of Fame

Ferrara’s significant impact has won him a place in the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame. These honors underline his role as a cornerstone in mature cinema. His enduring mastery as a performer and director marks him as a true icon.

Transition from Actor to Director

Manuel Ferrara is known for switching from a famous actor to a respected director in the adult film scene. He started directing in 2003 with projects in Platinum X Pictures and Red Light District. This was a big move for him in his career.

First Directing Ventures

Ferrara showed his directing skills right from the start. After coming to the U.S. in 2002, he took on directing. In 2006, he worked with Evil Angel and released “Evilution.” This early work showed he directed as powerfully as he acted.

Notable Directorial Works

After these first steps, Ferrara became known for his directing. He created popular series like “Fucked on Sight,” “Raw,” and “Evil Anal.” These works were praised for bringing something new to the table. Ferrara introduced fresh stories and ideas, proving his value in the industry.

Today, Ferrara is a star both in front of and behind the camera. His journey from acting to directing has left a big mark on the adult film world. He’s known for making works that stand out and offer something different.

Personal Life and Relationships

Manuel Ferrara leads an extraordinary life, both on and off the camera. He was born in Le Raincy, France, setting the stage for his life’s adventures. Besides his successful career, Ferrara gracefully handles relationships and being a father.

Between 2005 and 2012, he was married to Dana Vespoli, another star in the adult industry. This union enhanced his industry connections. Ferrara has been in 12 serious relationships, blending his personal and professional lives. His longest relationship, lasting eight years, shows his dedication.

He’s also dated stars like Celine Tran, Hanna Hilton, Roxy DeVille, and Rachel Roxxx. These relationships lasted around 23 years and 4 months on average. It reflects Ferrara’s serious approach to both his work and personal life.

At 48, Ferrara has had relationships with a broad range of compatibilities, from 29% to 90%. This shows his versatile and engaging nature. With numerous accolades and a solid personal life, Ferrara remains a key player in his field, showing great skill in balancing work and love.


Manuel Ferrara shines in the adult film world. He stands out as a performer and director, proving his huge skill and passion. His work includes over 1200 credits and directing over 120 films. He’s won big awards, like the 2009 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year. This shows his big impact and ongoing influence.

He is known especially for his work with Evil Angel. They made hit series like “Slutty & Sluttier,” “Raw,” and “Evil Anal.” A new part of this series comes out monthly. The “Raw” series, for example, focuses on real sex scenes. This shows Ferrara’s aim for genuine adult content.

Besides his work, Ferrara stays healthy with basketball and jiu-jitsu. He eats well, too. He values time with his family, sports, and being with friends. This helps him keep a good balance between work and personal life. Ferrara keeps growing in his career, showing he’s both an amazing performer and a leading director. This cements his place in the adult film industry.