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Ah, massage with a happy ending. Just what every man dreams of, right? Unfortunately, not every spa offers you a massage with a happy ending. But at ShadySpa, the clients get more than they bargained for. They get a good Swedish massage that cums with the conclusion you crave; a handjob ending with a cumshot. The site is part of the Tug Pass network and you can expect 1080p Full HD videos, with over 56 scenes at your disposal. They are also adding videos every two weeks and while the collection might seem small, your membership comes with access to the Tug Pass network with more fap materials.

For Those Who Love Happy Endings

Lucky are the dudes who go to get their message at Not only do they get a good rub in the hands of some of the hottest masseurs, they also get a handjob to go along with it. The site has only been operational for a short time, but they have managed to curate a collection of 56 videos that you can stream and download in multiple resolutions peaking at 1080p Full HD. They also promise an update or two every two weeks which is a decent update schedule. As you will discover, the clients visit the spa for a Swedish massage, but they end up getting a handjob with the camera making sure you don’t miss a second of the action, including the nasty cumshots at the end.

Initially, the girls used to wear masks (in line with the pandemic regulations). However, that’s no longer the case and you have a full view of the babes. The videos run for 12 minutes and are available for download either as full videos or in segments. They are accompanied by a short description to give you an idea of what to expect. You also get a bunch of video caps available in zip files if you wish to download them.

A collection of 56 videos is a little underwhelming especially with updates only arriving twice a month, but don’t fret. You will be able to access other sites in the Tug Pass network with your membership. They include but are not limited to See Mom Suck, Club Tug, and Mean Massage. You get to masturbate to smut featuring amateurs and MILFs with more handjob and blowjob action awaiting your lusty eyes. The site also runs a contest that allows you to win a Fleshlight. All you have to do is be active; participate in polls, request videos, leave your feedback, etc. If you are lucky, you may have something to enhance your fap session and give your blistered right hand a much-needed break.

How much do you like the idea of a Swedish massage with the perfect ending? A lot, I presume? Lube up then and get ready for some action. There is a decent collection of movies where lucky clients are getting a nice dick rubdown in addition to the massage. The supply is a bit on the lower end of the scale, but with access to the Tug Pass network as part of your membership, you have few reasons to complain.