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Arguably the best thing about the collection on Lustery.com is they focus on amateurs. By this, I mean girls who are probably having sex on camera for the first time. Not that you would know it from the way they are sucking cocks, but you won’t recognize their faces from other videos. The amateurs have done a good work recording the videos with good lighting and decent camerawork, and filthy face fucking to go along with it.

Most of the sluts here on Face Fuck Tour are Latina although I did come across a few ebony and white babes as well. One thing about these Latinas is they are banging hot (as usual) and their curvy, bootylicious bodies will drive you nuts literally. They also love being fucked hard in their mouths. See them choking on huge cocks, having their hair pulled, and their faces covered in sticky spunk. With tags like Deep Throat, Sloppy, Throat Fuck, Rough, Big Dick, and Facial, you know things are going to get messy.

A quick check revealed that the first video here was uploaded in May 2021. As a result, the site is not swarming with content and has a current video count of 80. The videos come in varying lengths from just under ten minutes to one hour and counting for some videos. They are also adding new videos at least once per week which is a solid update schedule. They will soon be hitting triple figures which is fabulous because the action is super-hot. One of my favorite videos is recorded in POV and features a curvy Latina bombshell. She hops into the bed and doesn’t waste time wrapping her pretty mouth around a huge cock. The meat rod is already throbbing, but she works some magic with her mouth so that the cock is rock hard. She expertly blows the dude who can’t resist grabbing her hair so he can properly shove his dick into her throat. Unsurprisingly, the girl loves the rough treatment and ends up with a messy face. Needless to say, you will come across messier videos that will almost push these budding pornstars beyond their limits.

If you enjoy seeing pretty girls chocking on cocks as they are brutally facefucked, Face Fuck Tour will be up your alley. They have a decent collection of high-quality amateur movies featuring mostly sexy Latina bombshells displaying their cock sucking prowess. The site is adding new videos every week and the video count will be higher by the time you read this review. It is the ultimate blowjob paradise that you definitely wanna check out.