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SheReacts is yet another adult entertainment destination with a slightly misleading site name. It turns out the site is all about girls watching guys masturbating and voicing their opinions. Occasionally, the action involves trans and small dicked models as well. The site has 18 videos, all available for streaming and downloading in Full HD. The videos are approximately 8 minutes long. You also get a bunch of photosets with high-resolution images available in zips. If seeing girls reacting to guys jerking off is something you’d like to see, then let’s walk this journey together as I fill you in.

Girls Judging Cocks

If you have been on the internet for the last year or so, then you’ve definitely seen cucumber pranks where guys put a huge cucumber inside their pants to give the impression that they are packing a monster down there. You’ve seen how women react and in most cases, they are crazy about the ‘cocks’. The content here takes a similar approach, but the girls have to watch a video with a guy masturbating and then give their opinion. Some of these women are mean with their ratings given most of the dudes jerking off are absolutely hung, but there are a few videos featuring guys with small dicks as well. The videos occasionally include a trans performer who also has to be judged. I also saw a scene where two girls are competing to make a guy cum although that’s as explicit as the action gets.

The site is home to 18 videos which you will probably blow before the day is over. However, all the videos can be streamed and downloaded in Full HD. You also get 5 resolution photosets, each with about 100 high-resolution images that you can download in zips. The site has also made it easy for you to locate content with a basic search feature, sorting options, and the ability to rate the videos. However, you don’t get features like tags, comments, or an advanced search.

As part of your membership, you gain access to the Tug Pass Network with more sites focusing on blowjobs and handjobs. They include Finish Him, Ebony Tugs,,, and among others. As you will discover, each site has its own theme, but they all mainly revolve around HJs and BJs. The biggest disappointment is the small collection. It is even worse because the site is only adding new content once every two weeks. In addition, videos are only available for streaming and downloading in one resolution. No other formats or resolutions have been provided.

There is hardly any sex on, but that’s not what they promised. Instead, you get videos of girls watching guys jerk off and then give their judgment. The collection leaves a lot to desire in terms of quality while the updates are sparse. But at least you will have several other sites in the Tug Pass Network to explore so it’s not like there will be dry days for you. Go ahead and watch a few trailers and decide if this is the kind of shit that floats your boat.