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    Quick PornHub Premium Review:

    Rarely do I come across free things online without any strings attached. Even reading a good article online requires you to give away your email. Pornhub Premium is among the few websites where you can find lots of free stuff to enjoy even when you don’t have the bucks to buy a membership.The site has thousands of free movies that you can watch right away even before you sign up.You have the option to sign up for free too, in which case you get better browsing and viewing options. The free smut offered here is not the Ultra HD quality that you can expect from a top premium site but you won’t find it hard to come across movies that will put a smile on your face.

    If you really want to watch their HD quality videos, then you can sign up into the premium members’ area. This will only cost you 20 bucks per month and you will have access to over 85,000 movies from top premium sites like Brazzers, Elegant Angel, Reality Junkies, New Sensation and many other top brands. There are over 13,000 DVD collections from these sites with over 50 hardcore categories being explored.

    Members will also have the pleasure to interact with over 12,000 pornstars that are featured in these DVDs. This is a ridiculously huge smut collection that is being offered at a throw away price. For those who are looking for a website where they can enjoy all kinds of hardcore smut in HD quality while saving lots of bucks, check out their yearly rates that comes down to 10 bucks per month.

    Pornhub Premium caters for the needs of all and sundry. Whether you are broke and want to view free smut or you are looking for a cheap way to access DVDs from multiple premium sites, you can rely on this website. Furthermore, whether you have the free or premium membership, accessing the content is straightforward. You can search by categories, pornstars or keywords. You can also sort out the stuff by ratings, views, longest, most recent and so on. This is definitely an experience worth having.

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  • Ass Parade Discount

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    Quick Ass Parade Review:

    Ass Parade is an exhibition of booties where most of the girls with the largest butts on the net come to display them to the onlookers. If you have never attended a booty show before, it’s your time. You will find huge, gorgeous asses being displayed here but that is just the introduction to a great adult show. Later on, some guys will come along to inspect, spank and fuck those asses in all hardcore ways. Even pussies will not be spared here.

    At the moment, has about 471 movies that have been uploaded since 2004 when the show started. The movies are about 30 minutes long on average and feature a long lineup of Latinas, brunettes and blondes in the debauchery. Mind you, the 471 movies are just the tip of an iceberg since the site is part of the Bang Bros Network which is made up of about 47 similar sites. Fortunately, you are getting all the other sites as a bonus once you sign up to Ass Parade. If you ever require additional stuff in the ass category, you can check out other similar sites in the network like the Big Tits Round Asses, Chongas and Mr Anal. Anyway, if you prefer any other hardcore categories featuring any other type of girl or action, you have over 40 sites to explore.

    Once you sign in, navigation is not a problem at all. There is a long list of categories to choose from. In case you are not looking at any specific category, then you can sort by dates, trending scenes, most viewed, most liked and so on. There are many other sorting options including a model index and you can browse from this site or go to the main network area. There are pictures and screen caps which you can browse onsite or download in zips. The pictures vary in resolutions with the best having 2000×1333 pixels. The movies also come in different quality settings. There is a WMV (852×240), a mobile format at 484×360 and a HD MP4 at 1280×720.

    There is no other site where you can get an exclusive ass show like the one you will find in this site. When you combine this with over 40 bonus sites and daily updates, this becomes an unbeatable offer.

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  • Dare Dorm Discount

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    Quick Dare Dorm Review:

    As you may have already experienced, most of the premium sites are offering staged videos featuring old dudes and tired pornstars who should have retired long time ago. There is nothing more refreshing like coming across a collection of videos that are real with young studs fucking amateur girls in a setting that you can identify with. If you lived in a dorm during your college years, you might be lucky to identify your dorm in one of their videos. You might as well identify a girl that you know in real life getting drilled in one of the scenes.

    These guys have come up with a creative way to entice college students to submit videos showing off their sexual prowess. They run a competition in which the best actors receive a whooping $1,000.Which college dude would refuse to fuck their girlfriend for $1,000? You will also see college guys going crazy as they get horny and fuck each other in groups.

    Dare Dorm does not promise you huge content like many other generic sites. However, they have already uploaded 103 videos and more are coming in every two weeks. You also get some good video caps to go with. The amount of videos should tell you that navigation is a simple task.

    The videos are only available for streaming which is the only concern that I identified. You get Muffia site as a bonus when you subscribe. Their content is quite creative and unique comparing it with what is currently in the market. I have no doubt that you will enjoy the ride.

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  • Passion HD Discount

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    Quick Passion HD Review:

    I don’t know whether you have realized that a good percentage of premium sites have good girls but the camera work fucks up the videos. However sexy and gorgeous the girls are, presenting them in blurred videos does not interest anyone. Passion HD brings you the hottest girls using the best cameras. The cameras themselves appear to be handled by professionals who know how to bring out crystal clear and high quality footage.

    You can proceed to the site expecting more than 355 smoking hot scenes featuring drop dead gorgeous girls that you will need a lot of luck to find anywhere else. Meanwhile, you will also be enjoying up to five updates every single week.

    Variety has been taken care of with a good number of videos giving you lesbian, threesomes, creampie, facials and many other niches that you will ever imagine.

    These guys seem to have paid keen interest in making the experience at the site very enjoyable. At the top of the members’ page are links to different locations in the network. It gives you the option to go to the favorites, girls, deals, lives cam as well as scenes.

    Their movies can be streamed or downloaded in a variety of formats including MP4, MPEG HD and WMW HD. They also have nice pictures that you can download in zip files.

    With the stunning quality of their movies, impressive update schedule and very competitive price, Passion HD becomes a real steal.


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