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Kink Unlimited is a collection of over 30 high-quality sites that delivers porn from unconventional niches such as Fucking Machines, foot worship, gangbangs, hog-tying, pissing, anal insertions, punishment, shock plays, and many other exciting categories. It also takes the top seat at the helm of sites offering fetishes and BDSM. Payment is made for each scene that you watch using credits known as kinks. This ends up becoming more expensive than membership sites. However, you get to see only those scenes that you choose so there is no way you will pay for old and low-quality stuff like what happens on some of the membership sites.

The collection is very huge so you will have lots of scenes to choose from. There are around 9,000 scenes at this time. Each scene will give you more than thirty minutes of video so that translates to a lot of video-watching hours. Quality is amazing with videos opening in 1280x720p and playing at an incredible 4000k. You will get the opportunity to watch the videos in MP4s and WMVs. You could also use Flash streams which are also sharp and very high in quality. For the photos, you will get them in zips with two quality options to choose from. has a very active community. You will get a lot of discussions on the videos through comments and chats. I would recommend the site to all those guys who don’t mind paying some extra bucks to see only the best from a huge collection of HD-quality scenes. What the network lacks in visual appeal makes up for massively sexual appeal. The most eclectic tastes and fetishes are on full display and the action couldn’t be rawer. Even a quick glance at their homepage shows you that this studio means real business. All of the content is exclusive and the bang for buck factor is huge. When considering the amount of raw footage and content provided and the discount currently on offer, even those that are not into kinky sex would be enticed and will surely find something they are looking for.

Perhaps the most popular of the channels included in the vast Kink On Demand access would be Hardcore Gangbang and Hogtied. Without a doubt, very few people have had the privilege to fornicate in the manner that some of these lucky women and gents have done. Come to think of it, there isn’t a single network out there that can really compete with the sheer number of videos available and the type of content being offered. That being said, anyone that is interested in wild action and extreme kinky play would be a fool to miss out on the fabulous network.