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If you have a creative brain and are seeking a platform that allows you to create virtual characters among other things, I strongly suggest you stop whatever you are doing and read my honest review of Candy AI, a platform that does just that [and more]. With its use of advanced AI technology, this platform has a good lineup of realistic and anime-styled characters. It also has options to customize exciting aspects of your virtual companion like voice, looks, attire, and more. You will be able to create something as close to a real human as possible. Does this remotely excite you? Then you might want to stick around as I give you more juice.

Candy.AI’s first and foremost attraction is its ability to help you create a virtual chatting companion that will sound and look as close to a real human as possible, but all this couldn’t be possible if they didn’t have a good and interactive user interface. Luckily they do and you should have an easy time finding your way around. Picking your preferred AI character should be a piece of cake with everything well arranged to help you easily concentrate on the task at hand.

These guys have also outdone themselves when it comes to their selection of characters. They have a lengthy lineup of characters, with over 40 to pick from. The lineup includes anime style and realistic characters to suit your preferences. Simply head over to the Explore section of the site where you will have female and male characters at your disposal. Note that the female characters outnumber the male counterparts by a ratio of 1:8 which is not say it’s a bad thing. In the occasion that you are not impressed with the characters they have in store for you, the site has provided you with the customization options you need to create your character. You can customize many aspects of your character including but not limited to body type, hair and eye color, voice, attire, and even profession among others.

You can look forward to personalized interaction with the AI characters and at some point, you will begin wondering if you are chatting to a bot or a real person. The experience is that realistic. You can chat about everything from small talk to NSFW topics with no chance of being ghosted. The site even has an Ask feature that allows you to ask for a photo from your companion (nude or not). Premium users even have the option of a voice chat.

As is normally the case with similar sites, there is a basic free plan and a premium plan and it ultimately comes down to the number of features you would like to unlock. The Premium plan is where all the fun is at as the free version only has limited features including only a few texts. A monthly premium subscription will set you back some $12.99 per month while the yearly plan is going for $69.99 (down from $25.99 and $279.99 respectively).

I have tried to cover everything you need to know about Candy.AI and what’s left is for you to try this platform and see how creative you can get. With many options to play around with, tens of characters, and realistic chats, it’s impossible not to have a wonderful time. You heard it here first.