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Technology and artificial intelligence have cum a long way over the last decade, revolutionizing how we do things, including how we watch porn. By ‘we’ I mean you because I don’t watch porn unless it’s for review purposes. Anyway, eHentai leverages this technology to provide you with a platform where you can chat with virtual hentai babes. The first thing you notice is how hot these hentai girls are and the artists deserve credit for doing the lord’s work. They could have been created by AI for all I know, but who gives a fuck if the pussies are that enticing? They are hot and you will want to jerk off to them with a chatbot and customization tools to make your experience better, you can think of the site as the hentai version of Tinder where the toon babes are always down to fuck.

Chat with Hentai Girls

The interactive experience they promise on looks good on paper, but the real thing leaves a lot to be desired. The site has many sexy girls with unique personalities as promised, but they all seem the same. Sure, they will do whatever is asked of them which is good enough, but everything is so methodical. It’s like chatting with an intelligent robot. Well, that’s kinda the whole point, but I thought they were trying to create something as close to human interaction as possible. It felt unusual when I instructed the toons to talk dirty to me and they went on about how much they love sex and the feelings post cum and such. This might fool some of you with little to no experience with women, but few if any women at all speak like this.

The good and perhaps most important thing is the girls will let you see whatever part of their body you desire. You can ask them to pose, take a selfie, see what’s beneath their outfits, ask them to masturbate, etc. I even requested a picture of their pussy and they responded, not immediately, but they took roughly the same time a real woman would take. You have Stable Diffusion to thank for that.

I have nothing against jumping onto the popular AI bandwagon, but the integration could certainly be much better. They have perfectly mastered Stable Diffusion and whoever is behind the art knows their way around visual AI (which is not as straightforward as some of you pricks might think). However, I don’t like that the girls take a bit longer to respond if you ask for a nude photo, much like a girl who isn’t that much into you. Sure, you get an indication that they are generating the image, but you risk a flaccid cock waiting for the actual photo. has some improvements to make, not least the response time and the girl’s ability to respond like human girls, but the concept is great and with a few additions, they are on course to be a fantastic location for anyone looking to chat with sexy hentai chicks. The site has several membership tiers that ultimately decide how long the girls will chat and how fast they send you nudes, but it’s certainly worth a try. I’ll give it three months and come back again to check the progress.