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All this is, are just some of the tamer things you are likely to discover inside after you take advantage of the discount offer. They call the ladies slobber addicts for a damn good reason. There are scenes of ladies coming with glasses; what for? To catch the fallen saliva and spunk in the glass; what for? To slurp it up or jizz it all over their mouths faces and tits. This pornsite is fixated on the messy deep fucking of mouths. It is a matter of pride and principle for them. The ladies have a friendly saliva-soaked competition to see who’s mouth is wider, and wetter.

You will have white and black ladies competing inside. Normally in a scene, there is 1 male and 2 or more females for many updates here. The females also are pornstars and newcomers. Swallowed.com pornsite contains the following features. Okay: the previews are nice for seeing massive amounts in less than a minute. If you are interested in doing more than that, you can load up on videos for watching in the best 1080p resolution. That is the best big file you can have inside and it is something like 3 gigabytes. So the numbers are somewhat dismal but all the videos have been in this top resolution of HD. And bloody exclusive as well. You will deal with mp4 files too for 720p resolution.

Mobile access to 360p resolution files is easy and common, and the other features are in the navigation design of the site. Each update is marked with a description, telling you of the sort of play the babes will engage in. It includes things like tongue kissing, ass to mouth, saliva swapping, saliva vomit, cumshots, and removal of all the tonsils using only the dick! But seriously, you will find locations different as well camera work and final editing of the films.

The menu is scenes, models, DVDs, and member’s areas. Members on social media sites are able to have links to videos of this site so that they can inform others of the sucking hardcore here. Anyway, there is nothing convoluted inside. You just log in and get updates weekly (2), and models who are between thirty to eighteen years. Swallowed.com is about and only about the twisted side of blowjobs, so it is right up your alley! They offer discreet secure payment plans\deals, so just get to it today!