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ScoreClassics doesn’t exactly sound like a porn site, but what do we say about not judging a book by its cover unless it’s a porn magazine? It turns out the name is not as misleading as it initially seems as the site brings you porn classics from the golden eras of the 1980s and 90s. If you are a fan of vintage smut, you will be thoroughly impressed by the collection where you can see gorgeous and busty babes posing in swimsuits and barely there lingerie that can barely contain their sexiness. Action is mostly solo, but there are a few lesbian and hardcore encounters in the collection of 200 videos available in 480p for both streams and downloads.

Taking You Back In Time

Vintage porn cums are alive on which brings you a collection featuring busty babes with massive racks that they are unafraid of showing off. Even if they did everything to cover the massive tits, they are busting out of their swimsuits anyway so they are unmissable from a million miles. If you are a big boobs connoisseur, you will be collecting your jaw from the floor with such a good supply of busty sluts who include big names like Busty Dusty, Minka, and Danni Ashe. You can learn more about these bootylicious sluts from their profiles in the model’s index.

The site has a collection of 200 videos mostly with solo action where the girls show off their incredibly sculpted bodies and massive jugs. They are adding new videos multiple times a week so there will always be a fresh flick to get off. The solo videos might be the majority, but you can also count on lesbian and hardcore encounters as well, with some of the girls being filmed having sex for the first time. You can tell some of the girls are not used to the cameras judging by their shy demeanor, but some are more experienced and seem to thrive from the attention. Perhaps they are happy to know that some loser somewhere will be sitting in front of their screen jerking off to their naughty antics.

That said, the quality is not that great with videos only available for streaming and downloading in 480p. However, they are not that bad considering how old they are. They look like digitalized versions of old video tapes which gives them a retro feel. Remember these were some of the best productions of their times so they are much better than the 480p you’d normally get from regular porn tubes. You also get 346 photo galleries that will impress you with the quality considering some are as old as the 80s.

Your membership doesn’t come with any bonus content, but you will still be impressed by the supply of vintage porn that takes you back to the 80s and 90s. It is the perfect place to be if you are into busty babes. The site also allows you to buy physical and digital DVDs from their store which is certainly a great option to have. You also won’t have to break the bank for a membership, giving you every reason you need to grab a subscription.