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Jerkaoke doesn’t exactly sound like a porn site, but don’t let the name mislead you. The site is home to a collection of porn scenarios that focus on the fun side of porn. Granted, there are no queefs, but there are parodies and party games in addition to your regular hardcore action. The site has a collection of 77 videos, all of which you can stream and download in 1080p Full HD among other lower resolutions. They are also adding new videos every week. If you love your porn sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor, you may want to give this site a try.

Porn with Humor

The type of smut you will find here will need a bit of getting used to, but luckily, it doesn’t lose its hardcore edge which is the most important thing. The action here can be categorized into two. There are reality-themed scenarios with strange premises. Things like sexy séances and horny aliens among other ridiculous stuff. The other category is a variety show where pretty much everything goes. A few of the videos I had the pleasure of watching featured three performers; two competitors and a host. The three play a game in which the victor will pocket a cool $1,000. The games include spelling bees, darts, and taste tests making others. In most cases, the contestants are distracted using oral sex to decrease their chances of winning. Once a winner is declared, sex follows.

The website has not been around for long and is currently serving you 77 videos. However, it helps that all the videos can be streamed and downloaded at 1080p Full HD with lower resolutions provided as well. In any case, they are adding at least one video every week. The site has a big video player complete with a picture-in-picture mode, and options to adjust playback speed as well as video quality. You can also cast the videos without running into any issues. You also get useful browsing tools like tags and categories, sorting options, and a basic search. Additionally, you can rate and add videos to a list of favorites.

The first and most obvious issue is the quantity. How long do you reckon it will take you to get through all the videos? The lack of numbers is even more concerning when you realize there are no bonus sites/videos to go along with your membership. At least they are adding videos regularly. The model index is also lacking the site has a model index, but you only get a picture with no useful information about the performers. If you like knowing a little about the girl you are jerking off to, this will be a disappointment. has a pretty unusual theme, but you don’t get to masturbate to porn with a touch of humor every day, do you? The videos feature star performers and are available in high resolutions. The numbers could be higher, but with regular updates, they will get there sooner than later.