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There are no prizes for guessing the type of content you are going to find on a site called HotMovies. But just in case you want me to spell it out for you, this is a massive porn site with a monstrous collection of 1,153,405 scenes taken from 231,039 Videos from hundreds of studios. It gets better; they are adding multiple new scenes every day and a quick look around reveals 200 new videos have been added in the last week. It will take you multiple lifetimes to go through all the collections here. Quality varies, but the latest movies can be viewed in 1080p Full HD. Good luck finding a bigger collection of fap materials!

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Let’s start with the most important aspect of the site; the impressive numbers. This huge VOD Porn archive has 1,153,405 movies for you to jerk off. You will either be nursing blisters on your right hand or dealing with erectile dysfunction by the time you are halfway through such a huge collection. The numbers are already overwhelming, but these guys are not resting on their laurels, adding multiple new videos every day.

For the uninitiated, this is how a VOD arrangement works. While other sites charge you a monthly access fee, a VOD (View On Demand) site allows you to pay for the minutes of porn that you watch (excluding browsing time). If you watch a limited amount of porn minutes for a month, you will appreciate this arrangement. You may end up paying much less than the typical monthly fees while having much more content to choose from. As you can expect from such a huge archive, the collection covers all sorts of kinks and fetishes. There is everything on from bizarre fetishes to super hardcore action and everything in between. There is teen porn, hardcore anal, double penetrations, steamy lesbian encounters, group sex and messy orgies, BDSM, oil fetishes, and so much more.

The site has made it easy for you to browse this huge sea of smut. You can start by typing in a query, a girl’s name, or an act in the search option and you will get a selection of scenes and DVDs befitting your tastes. Alternatively, you can use the advanced search feature and be as specific as possible with your preferred fap materials. You can also browse by category, studio, star, series, or tags. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest you start with the Top Rated or Most Recent videos and kick off your masturbatory journey from there.

Ultimately, you will struggle to find a bigger supply of porn than on This massive VOD site has everything you need with a huge collection of DVDs covering many of the kinks and fetishes you can think of. Videos come in Full HD although you will have to pay extra to download them. They are also adding multiple new videos daily and you will always have fresh fuck flicks at your disposal whenever you log in.