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join Coupon Review: is a porn site that has been online for a couple of decades. Hot and hardcore movies are all you expect from this legendary site. There is loads of porn here whereby only celebrity porn stars have been featured. The celebs on the site give it a lot of popularity ahead of its competitors in the scene. All the fantastic talents exhibit exclusive scenes that will give you the maximum entertainment that you have always wished for. Content on this site covers a lot of hardcore action that includes blowjobs, doggy styles, and facials.

The library section of this site is large enough and has much of the content that you won’t find in other locations. There are more than 5700 scenes that are contained in 1279 full-length DVDs. Complementing these are 120 photo galleries that feature part of the sex scenes in the extravaganza. The porn stars are many and are always there ready to express their expertise. The likes of Kim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson give the fans the anxiety of visiting the site again and again. Viewing all this content will take a while, but with your $14.97 monthly membership fee, you can never miss a moment. The updating schedule of this site is quite promising as it is done 8-10 times a month. However, the clips and pictures can only be viewed online; they can’t be downloaded.

The site improves the quality of its content day by day. Currently, the site provides HD videos, but the older scenes are of relatively low quality. It all requires you to browse through the clips and choose the one with the highest quality option. The clarity of these clips is impressive as the production is well crafted. However, the pictures on this site are not large enough for a full-screen opening.

Navigation through this site is an easy task although it has not been upgraded to fit the current site status. The content has not been sorted into different sections. All the content has been piled into one part, and you need to browse through the clips to find that which you wish to watch.

Vivid is a good porn site that gives its fans all they need. Many bonus sites add up to what is offered. Subscribing to this site is never a loss as all hardcore sex fans have a chance to have lots of fun. The site’s growth is progressing and you can never regret having visited it.