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    Quick Review:

    Penthouse has been manufacturing porn since 1965 when pornography was only accessible in print. It is a brainchild of Bob Guccione, one of the most renowned British pornography prodigies of that time. Through the Penthouse magazine, this guy built a brand name that has stood the test of time. The dot com era saw the magazine establish a site where they uploaded all their softcore materials. They then embarked on producing softcore movies with their amazing crew. Their videos were largely softcore involving solo girls and lesbian loving but they have also produced quite a lot of hardcore movies in recent years.

    Before you sign up, you are given a free preview that lets you see everything that you get as a member though you don’t really get the permission to download or stream anything before you have bought a membership. From the tour, you will see that most of their girls are the top stars in the world of softcore porn. You will see all their pets and DVD titles that you can access with your membership. Upon signing up, you will get to a page that is almost similar with the tour page. From that point, you can embark on browsing and downloading or streaming the videos. Sorting can be done by category, ratings, popularity and dates. It’s well organized with most of the tools that I look for in premium site.

    Turning my eyes to the numbers, I could see more than 910 videos with over 260 of them having high resolution playback. There were more than 3200 picture galleries in their picture department. The best movies have a HD 720p option but there were others with resolutions starting from 480p from the MPEG, WMV and Flash options. They have also optimized the videos for portable devices. Pictures can be viewed in slideshows or saved in zips with the best displaying at 4000×2667 pixels.

    The good thing with is that it offers many of the categories that most guys search for. They have amateurs, pornstars, Asians, anal, toys, threesomes, voyeurs, blowjobs, fetish, housewives, blondes, brunettes, masturbation, reality teasing and anything there between. Unless your fantasies are out of this world, you will find something to enjoy here. You might want to take the tour and see if you like what you get.

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    Quick Sexy Hub Review:

    Sexy Hub is a porn hub that comprise of five different sites that can be accessed with one password for the price of one site. It’s mostly lesbian oriented though hardcore sex is also covered widely in some of the sites. The network sites include Lesbea, Massage Rooms, Dane Jones, Mom XXX and Girlfriends.

    Each of the site focuses on a certain kind of unique niche. For instance Lesbea deals in filming girls kissing, caressing and making love to each other in very heated sexual scenes. Massage Rooms on the other hand focuses on slippery and very erotic massages where girls turn each other on and engage in some lesbian loving. Dane Jones feature couples engaging in similar sexual acts. Girlfriends is all about gorgeous girls pleasuring each other too but Mom XXX brings in some Milfs getting fucked by boys in hardcore action that you will definitely admire.

    At the moment, the site is boasting over 980 full length movies and over 900 picture sets that members can access from the various sites. This is a lot of awesome stuff that you can enjoy as a member and you can look forward to new content being added almost on a daily basis. Each of the movie runs for about 20 minutes while picture galleries supply about 100 pictures each. A list of over 321 models will also be seen so there is no time you will find yourself getting used to any of their girls.

    When it comes to the viewing options for the movies, there is MP4, MOV, WMV and a mobile version to use when downloading. The highest resolution you will get here is the 720p HD option. There are other lower resolutions too starting from 480p.You can view on the site or save the videos in your hard disk. The same case applies to the pictures which you may also stream or download in zipped files. The quality of the images varies from 926×617 up to 1200×800 pixels.

    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a network with hardcore Milf sex combined with lesbian and hot massage shows. I really enjoyed checking out the Sexy Hub pictures and viewing the videos and I have no shadow of a doubt that you will enjoy too.

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  • ATK Petites Discount

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    Quick ATK Petites Review:

    ATK Petites is a special ATK Kingdom site that specializes in very tiny chicks that can be easily mistaken for school girls. Weight lifters can easily lift them up with one hand. They are small and light but sexy and naughty when it comes to handling the cocks. The girls meet with some well built guys for some incredible hardcore fucking. It’s even unbelievable how the muscular cocks gets through their tight pussies without causing any damage. Anyway, the girls seem to enjoy so I guess they are used to it. If you fantasize taking advantage of a very tiny chick and fucking shit out of her, this site will actualize all your fantasies.

    These chicks are more than willing to partake in any kind of sexual acts including masturbation, lesbian, fetish and hardcore sex. Most of them are white but a substantial number consists of exotic girls. You can expect to see Asians, Latinas and even ebony chicks in their lineup. These girls normally come in very seductive clothing like short skirts and they readily strip naked and pose for the camera before they get down to the business of the day.

    Even though one girl may be seen in more than one scene, new ones get added once in a while in their updates. There is therefore a lot to see in terms of variety, number of girls and the overall amount of content. You will find more than 1500 videos and over 4500 picture sets in their shelves. Most of the videos play for around 15 minutes while the picture sets carry from 100 to 150 pictures each.

    There are a few minor issues that need to be addressed in their navigation for things to flow perfectly. For instance, all the category options are not located on the search page so you have to dig deeper into the photo galleries where you can see more options to browse categories like blowjobs, lesbian and toys. Despite the hitch everything else looks fine. They have for instance provided a search function that you can utilize in filtering out the content by hair, color, race, age, build and so on.

    Quality is also great with pictures being offered in sizes of 1600×1062 and there are zip files to use when downloading them. The videos on the other hand are offered in WMV, MPG, MOV and FLY formats with the WMV offering the best quality at 1280×720 @6200K.I really couldn’t find much to fault this site for. The girls are tiny as promised, there is a lot of content to see and the quality is the best I could hope for. ATK Petites is an all round great porn site that every porn viewer should find enjoyable.

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    Quick Reality Junkies Review:

    Man if you are looking for a hardcore deal of the century, check out Reality Junkies. They are offering up a huge collection of DVDs that present sexual scenes in the best reality style that you will get. Surprisingly, these guys are giving over 50 bonus sites with high quality premium sites like Evil Angle being included. Anyway, before we say anything about the bonuses, let us look at what the main site brings to the table.

    You are getting over 25 DVDs with at least 147 movies and more than 150 picture sets at this point in time. The movies are presented in series like Cougars Seeking Teens, Babysitter Diaries, Cougars Play, Filthy Family, Big Breast Nurses and many others. As the titles of the series suggests, there are teens, mature and even older ladies involved in the sex circle that you will find in this site. The site was launched in 2012 so no lower quality will be seen here. It’s HD quality throughout. You will get 720×400 pixels for the Windows Media and 1920x1080p @6750kbps for the MP4.There are mobile formats too for all the portable devices.

    There is a photo section where pictures are offered in different quality settings. The photo galleries are quite large with some of them containing over 400 individual pictures. There is a slideshow features but no zip files to use when downloading. The images are still worth a look in case you want to see some incredible poses and even hardcore shots from their girls.

    The site does not have a very advanced design as I would have expected. They have kept it simple with a few browsing tools. The homepage gives you stats of what you will get as a member. You will also see lists of latest updates from the main site as well as the bonus sites. From the scenes page, you can sort things out by most viewed, highest rated, video titles or categories which include things like gonzo, DP, anal, fetishes and so on.

    Reality Junkies is a great option for reality action. They have a fairy large collection and they update at least two items per week on average within a month. The icing of the cake however comes in form of the 50 bonus sites that are offered here. Among them include Fame Digital, Evil Angel, Devils Film, Tera Patrick, Buttman, Rocco Siffredi and many more. To find a similar deal, you will need a lot of searching and good luck too.

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    Quick OnlyTease Review:

    OnlyTease is an erotic site that deals with strictly nonsexual content where the entertainment involves provocative teases and nudity to some levels. There are three levels of teases that will be experienced here. In one level, girls will be wearing seductive clothes like very short skirts and they will bend over so that you can see the upper parts of their thighs and even some parts of the ass that will be protruding out of the short skirts. The other category involves girls that will uncover their tits fully for you to see. Lastly, there is the more liberal group that will strip fully so that you can see all that you may desire from them. When it comes to the films, expect the same kind of arrangement though here the girls will appear more real due to their natural seductive movements.

    With Only Tease, you will see any kind of seductive attire that you fantasize with. Whether it professional uniforms for nurses, cops, students, air hostesses, office skirts or any other, you will get them here in plenty. The girls will strip, remove their tops or pull their skirts up to reveal the ass and the rest will be left to your creative imagination. You will also get cool fetishes involving stockings, lingerie and the like. It’s a perfect deal for guys looking for soft content to end their day in style.

    There are over 1893 films and over 936,629 images in the site. The films are normally short; running for a few minutes. You can view or stream them in a WMV format which offers different resolutions the best being 1280×720 pixels. The galleries are packaged with up to 150 pictures each and the quality varies down the years. You will find small sizes of about 1066×711, larger sizes of about 2045×1365 and ultra HD sizes of 3000×2000 pixels. You can use manual slideshows or hands-free slideshows to view online or download in zips and view them from your machine.

    OnlyTease is an excellent collection for any softcore guy who desire to see girls getting sexy and naughty on camera. There are uniformed chicks, girls with lingerie, stockings and other sexy outfits and some of them will ends up completely naked. You will want to save these girls in your machine and view them during your leisure time.

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    Quick Evil Angel Review:

    One of the greatest sacrileges of a porn addict would be their oblivion to someone who goes by the name of Joan Angel. She has been seen in a prolific amount of pornographic videos that are attributed with merits and qualities that were always deemed to deserve rewarding. And one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to any human being, including this famous porn star is when they choose to go beyond their title and actually become a creator. What I’m trying to say is that today we are going to review one of her greatest works by far, a porn site that creates her own legacy. It’s called Evil Angel.

    Now, she actually reminds me of Ben Affleck now. I mean Affleck’s gonna be playing the new Batman in the DC cinematic universe, at the same time he will be directing the upcoming Batman movies. Joan has been going through the same path too with some great level of success. Formerly just a porn star, she is now a porn creator and director. It’s really cool if you would give it much thought. And I guess the reason why she is really good at it is that she knows the different perspectives and what really gives the audience an impactful appeal. She can contrived different positions as much as tell her talents to do stuff that they have not tried yet to their pleasure as well as to the viewers. Most importantly, she had taken up directorial courses and have become an expert in the craft herself.

    For a one-woman kind of job, EvilAngel is really an impressive creation. It does not focus much on the quantity, but it doesn’t lack in numbers eithers. Most importantly, every video is given more than enough effort it takes to make an effective porn content. You will be able to choose from blowjobs, missionaries, bisexual porn and even hot pursuits to older men. With all this aside, the very thing she guarantees is that your satisfaction will go beyond your expectations. With over 200 videos now in the site database, there is so much for you to discover.

    Additionally, you might like to check out the photo galleries too because they are professionally done with all the most elegant camera techniques and such. Furthermore, Evil Angel is the porn site you would really kneel for with its glorious projection.

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  • Silvia Saint Promo Code

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    Quick Silvia Saint Review:

    Silvia is one of the most adored models in the adult entertainment world. She is so hot and so experienced in this fucking business. Through this site, her fans get the opportunity to see her best scenes compiled together. Additionally, there are many other top models featured here so variety of the girls will not be a problem at all. Moreover, members are also given a load of bonus sites to check out and virtually all categories of porn are covered here. So, whether you are looking for erotic materials or rock hard anal and pussy banging, this might be your desired destination.

    From the Silvia Saint site alone, there are over 799 movies to watch. These are all drawn form their exclusive DVDs that have already exceeded 349 at the moment. There are 382 picture sets too. Viewing options for the movies include MP4, WMV and Flash formats. You can stream or download the movies to your hard drive without any restrictions. The movies are amazing in quality mostly displaying at 1920×1080 @5000kbps.

    Browsing content at the site can be done by pornstar name, series title, date of posting, DVD and so on. The materials are presented in different sections like DVDs, Movies, Pornstars and picture sets so you can go directly to the category you want as soon as you sign in. Categorization of the materials is well done and there are drop down menus with lists of bonus sites so you can make you choice and visit the individual sites without any problems. It’s a very modern and classy site and navigation is very easy indeed.

    There is Silvia and over 500 models to see in this site. Currently, they are working on some very interesting series like the Silvia’s Spell series, Psy-Chic, There’s something about Silvia, Hot Blonde Bitches and many more.

    For the bonus, you get 25 sites from the Fame Digital Network without having to pay any additional charges. Among the bonus sites include Combat Zone, White Ghetto, Devils Film, Tera Patrick, Peter North DVD, Silverstone DVD, Squirtalicious and many other premium quality sites. This is definitely one deal you will want to take advantage of especially now that they are offering membership at a discounted price of $9.95 per month which is actually a huge savings from their normal price of $29.95.

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  • Erotic Beauty Discount

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    Quick Erotic Beauty Review:

    If you like going through sexy photos during your leisure time, this site has so many albums with drop-dead gorgeous European babes that you will want to see. It’s basically a nude photography site that endeavor to photograph the most hot babes in this part of the world in the most amazing positions and in attractive locations. If you know Met Art, then you know exactly what to expect from a site that has evolved from that photography company.

    With Erotic Beauty, you are assured of more than 2000 photo sets. This being a specialist site for the best photographers, there are no videos in the collection. The pictures are however very high in quality normally displaying at 4256×2832 pixels with zip files to download in. In addition to this monster collection of HD quality digital stills, they supply new materials on a daily bases so this is a picture haven that will continue growing very rapidly.

    The presentation of the photos at the site is very good indeed. They have classified them into different categories and the models as well as photographers are well described. Update information is great and the content is presented in a chronological order. The quality of the materials is generally high. I didn’t find any challenges as far as the design of the site is concerned. The girls that you will normally see here are amateurs and naturally gorgeous chicks from across Europe. They are photographed in natural settings too so you will also enjoy the beauty of the surrounding as much as you enjoy gazing at the models. They are very careful with the quality and this is normally 4K. Professionalism is also observed in all their photography works.

    Sometimes, you will want to build your collection of hot photos that you can check out when you can’t afford a lot of time to watch movies. This site can help you in building such an archive that you can even peruse when you are caught up in a jam on your way back from work.

    The good thing about Erotic Beauty is that they have specialized in nude photography pictures and perfected them. As you know, many sites start well in the initial stages but end up becoming jacks of all trades. A specialist site like this that doesn’t even concern itself with movies is rare to find. With your $19.99, you can get your foot in the door to this amazing collection.

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    Quick Review: is a gorgeous interracial sex site that brings so much hardcore action involving white chicks and some 9 well hung black dudes. These guys drill the white girls in the ass, pussy and throat in very enticing scenes that hardcore guys will really enjoy viewing. Most of the scenes are focused on groups of three performers either two girls taking on one lucky dude or one girl getting punished by two or more guys. Its hot and crazy action right here for the fans of interracial sex.

    At the moment, there are over 51 complete scenes that have gone live on the site. These are mainly long movies that runs for about 45 to 55 minutes so the movies gives you a lot of porn viewing hours that will keep you busy at the site for a long time. You will be introduced to more than 40 different models in these movies and quality is quite high if you have the right device that can open 1080p HD movies in the MP4 format. Anyhow, other versions are also available with resolutions starting from 360 to 720 pixels. The choice is yours. Photo galleries are also available for each update. Their quality is also amazing mostly at 903×602 when viewing online and 1200×800 when viewing downloads. Zip files are available of course.

    The site scored highly when counter checking the various parameters. There is a menu at the top of the homepage with options to take you to all their content. Their materials are well organized into different categories (15 of them actually) which is very impressive to see especially for guys who are looking for some specific kind of content. The tour page is actually a true representation of what you get. They have placed very gorgeous banners on the tour and the thumbnails are very nice. It was generally a dream come true for me.

    There are many huge interracial sex sites on the net but none can beat It has some of the best stars and there is even some amateur girls getting fucked on camera for the first time. The site is not that huge but their movies are long and they are updating every day so amount of content should not pose any challenges. It’s highly recommended for interracial hardcore action fans.

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  • Devils Film Promo Code

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    Quick Devils Film Review:

    Devils Film is super collection of DVDs that cover hardcore films ranging from straight to anal and gangbangs. If you want to see hardcore movies from the latest DVDs, you don’t have to make a trip to any stores, you can get any of these DVDs in this site. I found some very exciting series here by the way like Creampie for the Straight Girl; Squirt on My Black Cock, 65 Guy Cream Pie and many others. In fact, if you love interracial movies, you will get some of the best here. Their girls are so gorgeous and the squirting is real. This is one site that I will be checking out very often in future.

    There is a mammoth collection of DVDs here that can keep you away from the sun for quite a long time. Currently, there are 1154 DVDs which amounts to more than 5812 movies. Additionally, lovers of photos are also well taken care of with more than 303141 pictures being included in the offer. To view movies, there is an option to stream or download and you can use the MP4, WMV or Flash formats depending on your preferences and the machine that you are using.

    There are no concerns on the quality. If anything, not many DVD companies out there manage to produces movies in the kind of quality that I saw here. At their best the videos have resolutions of 1920×1080 and plays at 5000kbps.These are in the MP4 format and are mainly the newer additions. If you happen to dig deeper into their archives, you will come across other lower resolutions starting from 720×480 which is of course the best that the cameras could offer at the time of filming. Photos are presented in resolutions of about 800×1200 pixels. The user interface is fairy good with great browsing options and search facilities. The update information is Okay and download speeds are high too. The only thing that they probably need to include is an elaborate listing of the titles.

    Devils Film is no doubt a great destination for hardcore guys. The site has a monster DVD collection and they update the site each and every day. At the same time, you also get spoilt with huge bonuses that come in form of sites like Peter North DVD, White Ghetto, Tera Patrick, Squirtalicious, Silvia Saint and many other popular brands. This is a site that you can’t possibly resist.

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