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Public Agent Coupon Review:

Reality porn movies are still my favorite form of entertainment and I am happy to check out Public Agent to see what is new on their website. The videos offered here show you a guy meeting up and seducing random girls in the streets and parks. The girls are sweet-talked and given money offers and many of them give in to the guy’s desires. We see them stripping in public, giving him blow jobs, and bending over for a nice hardcore fucking in the ass and pussy.

Many of the girls that you will see come from the Czech Republic and other European countries. The conversations are therefore heard in foreign languages but there are some English subtitles for those who don’t understand the languages. Most of the girls also play hard to get so you will see the guy seducing them and trying to convince them in the first 10 minutes before they give in and the action kicks off.

PublicAgent is currently offering you about 350 HD reality movies that will no doubt keep you entertained for a long time. They also update regularly and you do get huge bonuses as well from the Fake Hub network. The network is all about some fake guys who pretend to be some kind of professionals in order to trick women into having sex with them. Some pretend to be gynecologists while others pretend to be hiring managers of some porn talent search companies. Expect to get titles like Fake Agent, Fake Taxi, Fake Hospital, and many more. The action is always reality-style and very entertaining.

Navigation is very simplistic. The materials are arranged in index pages at the homepage so your work is just to click the next button once you are through checking out one page. You can choose which videos to enjoy first depending on the location, the type of chick featured, and the kind of action involved. Many of the videos that I saw were very adventurous and were filmed in beautiful outdoor and public locations.

There are many reality-based sites that you can decide to purchase these days but few of them can beat Public Agent in terms of creativity and quality. These guys have some really hot girls onboard, the action is very entertaining and the amount is enough to keep you entertained for quite some time. It’s definitely worth the price of admission.