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XXXPawn Coupon Review:

XXXPawn is about some broke but very gorgeous girls who are trying to make some money by selling off stuffs that they don’t need anymore. They come to this pawn shop whose owner is interested in fucking women as much as he is interested in making money. The guy has a backroom office where he takes all the women that agrees to his advances. He knows that these women really need the money urgently. And if their stuffs don’t make them enough money, they are ready to sell their asses to him with a little convincing.

The girls that you will see in XXXPawn are said to be real girls who came to sell their stuffs without any other agenda in their minds. And even though it might sound unbelievable to most of us, going by the way the girls were behaving in the videos, I would give them the benefit of doubt. Some of the girls looked young but there were mature women as well who appeared to be well over 35 years.

As a member here, you will be getting a very impressive kind of reality show that you might never get anywhere else. A video starts with the guy going on with his normal selling business at the shop. A woman enters the shop with some items that she wants to sell to the guy. Since he is more interested in fucking the woman, he finds some reason to turn down her offer or buy the stuff very cheaply. But he ensures that the woman knows that her ass would be bought at a very attractive price.

Without much a do, the woman enters the backroom where there are hidden cameras and before long, she is stripping, sucking his big dick and getting fucked harder than ever before in the ass and pussy. Many of the women also get plastered with sticky cum before getting their hard-earned money. I wish I could get more of these but the 25 episodes that were available in the site were really exciting and humorous at times. You can preview them using the video caps and the quality is great for a site that uses hidden cameras. Some of the videos also give impressive POV styles with the cameras mounted on the head of the guy banging the babes.

XXXPawn updates come within two weeks time and I didn’t notice any bonus sites on offer. Therefore, the amount of content might turn off some potential members but given that they have a unique idea and the videos are very exciting and believable, I would give them a shot.