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Severe Sex Films Coupon Review:

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the kind of debauchery you are likely to encounter on a site called SevereSexFilms. But for the dummies, let’s just say you are in for some hot BDSM treat. The bulk of the action focuses on Femdom scenarios, but you will also polish your meat rod to men dominating women and even some transsexual smut. The site is home to a solid collection of 569 videos over 450 of which you can stream in Full HD. Be warned though; the videos don’t have a download option and you will have to make do with streaming.

Living the BDSM Lifestyle

With so many porn sites focusing on BDSM, what makes Severe Sex Films a catch? Well, not only do you get to masturbate to some hardcore action, you also get the impression that the performers are truly enjoying the action and not simply doing it for the money (although that also goes a long way). The collection here, while staying true to BDSM, is also refreshingly diverse and there will be something for everyone. In addition, the videos are accompanied by excellent write-ups that let you know the kinkiness that awaits. You also get to watch performer interviews where you get to know your favorite performer better.

A Respectable Collection

You will not be overwhelmed by the collection on this site, but your fappy hands will be busy for a while with over 569 videos from 107 DVDs for you to choose from. You can browse the content by DVDs instead of individual scenes and get access to 12 photo galleries that seem to contain high res images that you can watch in a slideshow with no option to download in zip files. The videos are mostly high quality with 450+ available for streaming in 1080p Full HD. Some of the older videos may not be available in great resolutions, but they are watchable. There is a bummer though; you won’t be able to download the videos. Other sites give you the option of paying some extra bucks to unlock the download option, but that’s not an option here.

When it comes to the action, you are getting everything from females being brutally dominated to transsexual action as well as male subs getting dominated by their female dommes and everything in between. I also came across some lesbian BDSM encounters that will no doubt help you explore your kinky side. There are also 50 BTS videos as well as interviews with performers that you can access by heading over to the Extras section. Updates are inconsistent, but it appears they are adding a new video or two every month.

Severe Sex Films is not the largest BDSM site on the internet, but there is still plenty of raw, hardcore action for you to check out. There are hundreds of scenes covering multipole BDSM scenarios that include trans and lesbian porn. The quality is great with over 450 videos available in Full HD. The only disappointment is the videos don’t have a download option, but it’s hardly the end of the world.