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Ultimate Surrender brings another innovation into the adult entertainment industry where two strong girls wrestle with each other until one surrenders. This ultimate fight doesn’t end without an award for the winner and you can imagine what the award would be – free time to subject the loser to a submissive lesbian encounter. But, before the end of the fight, viewers will be entertained by the fighters as they finger and lick each other’s pussy. The girls are porn stars but they are an exceptional selection of physically fit and sexy babes, and of course real lesbians.

While this type of fight is one of the toughest and roughest competitions in today’s sports industry, this site combines it with its main theme, lesbian sex. This is a kind of sport that requires strength and skills to subdue an opponent, but these girls will need much more than fighting skills because it also involves the skills to have lesbian sex. You will enjoy every moment of the fight and the lesbian action in HD videos. In every fight, there must be a clear winner and the victor will decide how to fuck the loser – quite interesting you may agree with me. This is unique and very exciting to watch.

Ultimate Surrender is one of the sites in the Kink.com network, so you should expect to treat yourself to the kinkiest porn on the net. The site already has a large amount of videos and photos for its members, but that didn’t stop them from updating the content and adding new ones every week. The fights are well arranged with a perfect wrestling court just like real ultimate wrestling matches, but what will bring your imagination back to a porn scene is the attractiveness of the fighters, as well as their sexy outfits that reveal the boobs and sides of their pussy.

On the other hand, the scenes are professionally filmed with excellent lighting quality and a great touch of creativity. You are going to experience fantastic wrestling matches and amazing lesbian sex that includes body-shivering orgasms. All these actions are available for your viewing enjoyment in over 1,050 videos with vidcaps. Some videos are short while others run for about 60 minutes each, depending on the duration of the match but they all end with mind-blowing lesbian play.

Most of the videos have one-on-one matches where two girls fight each other, but you will also find team matches in which two girls are paired on each side to decide who carries the day. There is always a live audience for every fight encouraging their favorite fighter to be stronger. The videos come with trailers and they are downloadable in multiple formats, including an option to stream them in Flash Player. Your membership gives access to the whole sites in the Kink network where you’ll find sites like Foot Worship, Everything Butt, Device Bondage, Fucking Machines, Hogtied, and many others. UltimateSurrender has a modern design with browsing tools like a basic search, model tags, and some sorting options. You can leave comments and rate scenes and models.