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Around 540 videos are available to stream and download with 1080p resolution and the rest is available in 720. However, you can also find a few old contents from 2012 on this site but don’t expect them to come with good quality resolution as they are only available at 576p. This site also provides 700+ picture sets in high resolution to download in zip file format. I find this site interesting because the niche is unique and entertaining to watch. You probably think that the girl who is featured on this site is ordinary but if you think that way you were wrong, the variety of attractive women you will find on this site is more than enough for you to be your fapping material every day. There is a scene on this site where a disabled porn star from France, Marie-Lea Kinka participates as Joe Fuck buddy. In another scene, he was fucked by a beautiful Czech lady who is pregnant and does it roughly with her.

During the COVID they have slowed down their production but, they managed to come back to this industry as they provided weekly updates for their member. However, some of the Heavy on Hotties content is rotating content from the old-time but I think it’s okay to have some old content so we will know how good they were before the pandemic. The feature on this site is quite good. As this site interface is already mobile-friendly it can be enjoyed from any device you have and anytime you like. Sadly, this site has no search feature or tags on it.

The display of the retro interface on their site gives a good explanation of the content and you can find the model index on top of the site. Moreover, you can give a thumbs up or down and comment on the content they post if you like.  Facing any issues on this site? There is no FAQ on this site but, you can reach them by sending an email and telling them what issues are you facing. This is the only way you can reach them for now.

If you want to cancel your subscription on this site they also give a link to your biller so you can reach them by mail and let them know that you are unsubscribing your membership from this site. I was not sure if this site is as legit as it was but I can assure you, you will find a unique niche you won’t be able to find on another site. Heavy On Hotties tends to give us the courage to fuck a hot babe even if you are not a good-looking guy.