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GF Revenge Coupon Review:

GF Revenge simply gives guys the opportunity to revenge on their ex-girlfriends and make money in the process. If your girlfriend decides to dump you and you have a secret sex footage that captures your good times together, don’t obsess over the breakup, just submit the footage here and get money to wipe away your tears. The site pledges such user-submitted content from guys who have decided to teach a lesson to their exes by publicizing their sex secrets to the world through this site.

GFRevenge will appeal to fans of amateur content featuring natural looking young chicks having good times with their boyfriends. You will see them walking around in thongs and hot pants and even sitting and posing with their legs wide apart. Masturbation and hardcore action will be in plenty and it will happen in all the exciting places where love birds normally go to have good times like beside a pool, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in a vehicle and beautiful outdoor places.

The quality is perhaps not as amateurish as we would expect from a site claiming to have user-submitted content. True, the girls look real and innocent but the high quality of the movies made me doubt whether they were really submitted by amateur photographers. They look more clear and sharper than I had expected. Even the site itself seems to have been developed by a professional designer. The homepage displays their offers in attractive image set boxes that you can click on to uncover the movie or pictures behind them.

As far as the amount of content is concerned, they have over 312 stream only movies that give about 10 minutes of smut each. I tested the Flash streams and they played very nicely with no buffering issues. More than 312 galleries are also offered and each of them holds around 15 pictures.

GF revenge is a small but solid site with raw amateur content featuring very adorable and innocent looking teens having good times with their boyfriends. Even though the amount of content is still low and there are no signs of fresh content in recent times, it’s still worth a look. One month subscription is just $17.95 which is not too much to ask from fans of amateur porn entertainment.