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When I first came across FlexyTeens, I thought the site solely focused on teen acrobats, and I wasn’t far from the truth. I never am anyway. But instead of your ordinary acrobats, you get to feast your lusty eyes on some of the fittest and most gorgeous teen babes showing what they can do with their petite, flexible bodies. They twist, turn, contort, flex, and even striptease to reveal lustful lingerie underneath. There are no hardcore movies here with most of the content featuring solo girls, but I did see a few lesbian encounters. There are 196 videos and 253 photo galleries with video quality peaking at 1080p Full HD.

With girls increasingly neglecting their bodies and jumping on that body positivity bandwagon, it is becoming harder to find fit and petite women in the streets (unless you live in Greece where they don’t seem to make any fat bitch). Flexy Teens offers you the opportunity to please your eyes as you watch beautiful young babes showing what they can do with their bodies, which is a whole fucking lot. The way some of them contort their bodies makes me think they are actual gymnastics pros. At this point, I have to mention that the majority of the videos here feature solo girls flexing, contorting their bodies, and sometimes strip teasing. I only found one video where the girl was having sex as she contorted her body in many positions. There are also a few lesbian scenarios, but hardly any hardcore videos.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the numbers; there are 196 videos available in multiple formats and in resolutions of up to 1080p Full HD. The videos vary and what you get depends on the video you pick. In one video, I saw a cute blonde stretching her body underwater before stripping to show off her perfect body. In another, you can see a random babe stretching and bending her body, giving you nice angles of her shapely bum before shedding everything but a luscious thing that will fill your dirty mind with lust.

In addition to the videos, there are 253 photo galleries with high-resolution images that you can download in zips. The photos are mouthwatering as the videos with some bringing up close with spread teen pussies. if you are a lover of petite babes, you will have a hard time choosing the best image for you to bust a quick nut with so much juice to pick from. Finding content will be a breeze, but it be better if the site introduced separate sections for videos and pictures. With the current arrangement, you will have to click on a girl’s profile to find her videos.

If you love your girls young, petite, and super flexible, then Flexy Teens will be up your alley. They have a decent collection of videos and images featuring cute babes flaunting their super flexible bodies and showing you just enough of their lustful goodies to make your mind spin. Worth a try.