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Some porn sites make it clear what you can expect from them just from the site name. But if it wasn’t for me, how would you have known that Zenra is a porn site? Y’all freaks should organize how you will appreciate me for my backbreaking efforts to bring you new destinations for you to discover more action to appease your porn-fried brain. Anyway, this site has a collection of Japanese XXX videos, complete with English subtitles for those who love to follow the dialogues. Action cums to you in the way of DVDs, with 1,119 DVDs at your disposal. With each DVD coming with 3-5 videos, you are looking at over 4,500 scenes of nothing but raw Japanese debauchery, with hundreds available in Full HD.

For Lovers of Japanese Porn

Everyone, except the most miserable bunch of fucks, loves Japanese porn. What makes it unique is its performers who hide a nasty streak beneath their innocent almost childlike demeanors. They also seem to have some pretty crazy fetishes including things like bukkake where multiple men blow their nut on one girl’s face. You can therefore imagine how excited I was when I discovered Zenra.net is a Japanese porn site.

Let’s go straight into the things that matter; namely, the numbers. The site is doing pretty well in that regard, with 4,500 scenes from 1,119 DVDs. Each DVD has 3-5 videos and over 1,500 are available in streaming and downloading in HD and Full HD. You will only be able to tell the quality of a video after you’ve downloaded it, but the streams seem to max out at 720p HD. Not too bad, but with other sites offering stunning 4K videos, these guys have a long way to go before they can claim to play in the big league.

On the flip side, they are adding multiple DVDs every week so you will have loads of fresh porn from the Oriental to polish your meat rod. At this point, I must mention that all the conversations in the videos are in Japanese, but conveniently if you want to follow the dialogues they have provided English subtitles. For many people, language is never a barrier since porn is universal, but the subtitles will no doubt go a long way. The scenes also have detailed descriptions so you will have a good idea of what you are getting before whipping off your cock.

As is typically the case with Japanese porn, the genitals are pixilated to adhere to a weird law that prohibits the exposure of genitals. For a country that has one of the largest porn industries in the world, I have never understood this law. Luckily, there are over 200 uncensored movies. There is also the small matter of a daily download limit of 10GB to deal with. All things considered, lovers of authentic Japanese porn will find a lot of masturbatory joy from the collection on Zenra.net. They have hundreds of DVDs with high-quality movies covering many of your most twisted fantasies. More are cumming your way every week and this well is never running dry anytime soon.