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I got confused right after reading this site name because it sounds like a post-apocalyptic movie theme. In fact, Wasteland is a site that will fulfill your BDSM and Hardcore fetishes for your sexual desire. Establish for over 25 years, this site is one of the best on the internet with this kind of niche. Filled with a variety of kinky themes and people from BDSM communities make this site is something you can’t ignore if you are into this kind of thing. Exclusive movies from past decades are still available on this site if you like to know how BDSM look like in the last century.

Over 1,000+ movies are ready to be streamed and downloaded on this site along with a 2,054 photo gallery also provided on this best BDSM site. Most of the videos are already in HD resolution and 4K resolution but for the older content, you can only watch it in SD resolution. If you want to start with this kind of fetish this site is a good recommendation for you. This site also providing a guide on how to start BDSM on your own.

No bonuses after becoming a Wasteland.com member of this site but by landing your membership you can enjoy all their extra feature like the kinky story (audio and visual), fetish cartoon and drawings, virtual sex games, and educational BDSM. You will also get access to join the world’s largest BDSM community on the internet. Inside the community, you can take part in the virtual chatroom to share your thoughts on the following topic that provided.

Unfortunately, there is no advanced search feature on this site. The view from this site is already improved but still lacks tools and features to help you explore faster on this site. You will find it confusing rather than helpful so make sure to read the user guide to navigate easier and faster on this site. The only improvement they manage to develop is their compatibility with the mobile interface. This is a quite of improvement from 25 years old website.

Facing any issues on this site? The customer service and support team are happy to help you 24/7. Simply reach them on the email or toll-free line for a faster response. This also includes when you are willing to unsubscribe from this website from your list. They will help to reach your biller before processing your unsubscription request.

Wasteland.com is a good site to start your interest in this kind of niche. I find it entertaining and helpful if you wonder how to start a kinky thing in your real life. However, the interface and features are not good enough to make you explore faster. With their seniority in this kind of niche, there is no site that would compare to their supremacy in this niche. Prove it by yourself if you are doubting me.