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Vivid Celeb is a porn site that brings to you all the porn pros you know. All the celeb porn stars bring to light their talents as you get entertainment to your fullest. The stars here are exposed through their different sex tapes which they leak to the internet. Different scenes make up the content of this site hence making it enjoyable as always. Top celebs on this site include Kim Kardashian, Tila Tequila, and Brittney Jones. They all show up their expertise in different actions, ranging from soft core to hardcore.

The library of this site is not very large, but it can give you all the satisfaction you need. Currently, it has 25 videos that are of different shootings. Under the larger Vivid Network, there are other sites that add up making the site big enough. Additionally, there are image sets that accompany the videos making the library more appealing. The site is not updated regularly because it is not known when the celebrities leak their sex tapes. However, at least each week something new is added to the site. The content is also only viewed online and is not downloadable. The library is good enough and subscribing at $39.95 for a month will ensure your full entertainment.

Quality on this site is always put ahead. All the clips on this site are in HD, and they can be streamed in 1080p and 720p. The clips come with different photo galleries as various celebs film their sex escapades in different situations. The quality of the videos may also differ as the site does not control the type of devices the celebs use.

Navigation through Vivid Celeb is pretty simple because there isn’t much to congest the site. It is easy to get around the site, and no labeling is needed. Also, there is added information of some of the celebrities featured in different scenes and the origin of some clips. The site’s rate of growth is promising, and they promise more advancement soon to make navigation easier.

The size of this site does not allow it to earn the celebrity type of recognition by its fans. However, its content is worth your subscription. The presence of multiple bonus sites is a factor that keeps many close to the site. All celebrity sex tapes are available here. Hence, all those interested in them will always have great times on the site.