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Tainster Coupon Review:

Tainster is an exciting but very dirty network covering adventurous but ridiculously naughty porn acts. It is only on this site where a guy will fuck a fully dressed woman, cum on her face, and piss on her from head to toe. This is definitely how a bitch should earn those fucking bucks.

Within the 21 sites that make up the network, you will witness insane acts in the name of porn. Apart from the party hardcore sex, fetishes, and cock sucking, you will also get cum squads where a bunch of guys cum all over a woman, piss squads where guys piss on the girls and the girls piss on each other. You will also get women being fucked with toys until they squirt hard not forgetting the bondage sex. This is what the network is made of.

I checked out a few of their sites such as Drunk Sex Orgy, Slime Waves, Pissing in Action, and Party Hardcore. I almost forgot that I was there to review the network.

Looking at the numbers, there were about 3,180 movies and 3,030 sets of pictures though some of them were video caps. I tried streaming and downloading and they worked very smoothly. There were three download formats but the Full HD one was particularly a blast. I was able to download pictures in zip folders.

Navigating the site is simple. You can go by the individual sites or browse from page to page. Remember that the network is not only about the content. It is also an online community where you can connect with other people. There are also live shows that you can look forward to. Therefore, if you like it exciting, dirty, and insane, you will have to get a membership here. It’s definitely a good escape from the normal porn that is sometimes as boring as watching grass grow.