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If you are worried about their library number, as a newborn site there are only 60+ Movies on this site right now, but with a few times in a week update, the number will increase in no time. All the movies are already in 1080p resolution they said but the truth is, I can only stream it at 720p resolution. Their movie duration is around 20 to 45 minutes, and I have to admit the filming was so good. I can’t even believe in myself if this site is new in this industry, with their film quality there is no doubt they will get on top really soon. Unfortunately, if you are looking for picture sets on this site, there won’t be any of them. You also won’t be able to download their content yet. In summary, this site is only providing a streaming service at the moment.

As a site with exclusive content, they manage to provide all the finest European babes to be shown in most of their videos. There are 45 babes and boys right now in the model index. Most of their talent is from Western Europe but some babes are from Czech, Russian, Italian, and Greek which is rarely to be seen. However, this site is a stand-alone site so you won’t get any bonuses after you land your subscription here. Apart from being cheap on the monthly subscription, they also offer a paid live cam if you are interested in their live show talent.

Navigating on this site is quite simple and easy. Even though they don’t have an advanced search feature to help you out, the interface on this site is really beautiful and mobile-friendly for your smartphone devices. You also can rate their videos to give other members a good recommendation. And most importantly you can enjoy it all starting from $9.99 each month or select the other bundles that are suitable for you without any hidden charge.

Facing any issues on this site? Reach their support team by clicking on the contact link at the bottom of the page. You can reach them by sending mail and letting them know what issues you are facing so they can help you as soon as possible. To unsubscribe from this site make sure you reach them and your biller too. Put aside the minor issues, SugarBabes.TV is one of the sites that have great potential in the near future. With their frequent update, you don’t have to worry about the number of their library and I believe some other improvements also will come shortly. If you are a fan of European babes then this site is a must for you.