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St Mackenzies Coupon Review:

At first, I thought was a site about Catholics or Modern Day Saints or whatever. How wrong I was. There is nothing religious about this site whatsoever. That much will be clear the moment you step on the homepage where you are greeted by sumptuous images of nubile beauties at various stages of nudity with others rocking schoolgirl outfits to appeal to your schoolgirl fetish among others. The site has a collection of 481 photo sets and 287 videos and is adding more content every week. The videos are available in HD and are watchable, but they are not quite 4K.

Gorgeous Girls

Let’s start the review with the St Mackenzies major attraction; the ladies. To say they are hot would be a huge understatement. You will be stunned by their sex appeal and you will be collecting your jaw from the floor. Of course, it helps that they are mostly young and most of them cannot possibly be older than 23. Their youth, schoolgirl faces, and perfect bodies bring freaks like you to this step in their droves as they look to drool and rub one out. You could do much worse than join them. The site seems to have a bias for white babes so perhaps this is not the best place to look for BIPOC performers, but who gives a fuck when they are all smoking hot?

Decent Collection

The site has a solid supply with 481 photo sets and 287 videos currently at your disposal. The videos are mostly in HD. They are adding content every week so you can always look forward to fresh photosets and videos. Speaking of photosets, they are mostly high resolutions and can be downloaded in zips. The content goes back to 2009 and can be viewed by month. They seem to have significantly improved the quality here although they still have a way to go before they can match their peers offering 4K videos. One area of improvement is in the way content is presented. The photos and videos don’t have different sections although the videos have a camera icon. It is still not ideal though.

The videos mostly cover the school theme where girls are fucking their professors and stuff like that. Sometimes, the students have sex among themselves. Don’t rule out lesbian encounters. The action lies somewhere between softcore and hardcore but should provide you with plenty of fapworthy moments whichever video you pick. Be warned though; the movies are pretty short and many are around 5 minutes long. Also, there is no bonus content to look forward to which will not be good news for y’all entitled pricks. However, you will still have plenty of smut on your hands, literally speaking.

St Mackenzies could do well to start availing Full HD and 4K videos, but they still have a respectable collection of content that should keep your hands busy if you love the school theme. The action is not as hardcore as in other sites, but there is definitely loads of fucking going around. Worth a look.