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They couldn’t possibly have picked a better site name, could they? At SpermSwallowers, what you see is exactly what you get. It is all about nasty girls displaying their cock sucking skills and then taking the filthy spunk in their mouths and swallowing it. They suck multiple cocks at the same time and you’d swear they were born doing this shit. The women crave nothing more than the taste of jizz in their mouths and the dudes lining up are more than eager to give it to them. There are 19 such episodes here, no doubt a bit on the lower side, but they all stick to the theme and can be downloaded in Mpeg or WMV.

Nasty Blowjobs

Everyone loves blowjobs. It is even better if you can find a bitch that knows how to properly suck a cock. They love the taste of the perverted sausage in their mouths too, or perhaps more specifically, they like being used for men’s pleasure. Forget what these bitches say on social media or wherever. Anyway, the sluts on Sperm Swallowers are not hiding their love for sucking cocks. They are not even satisfied by sucking one; they want several of them at the same time. These sluts are not only skilled cock suckers, they also love the taste of jizz in their mouths and even have no qualms about swallowing it. Nasty little sluts! They seem to have an insatiable craving for cum.

The videos stick to this theme, but I’m afraid that’s where the good news ends. How did anyone think having a collection of 19 scenes was a good idea? I mean, it would if there were updates, but these folks literally gave up on the site and they aren’t adding any new content. You will probably be done with the videos in a few hours. If it’s any consolation, the videos are rub for between 11 and 24 minutes which is pretty lengthy if you ask me. They are available for streaming and downloading in multiple resolutions although they seem to peak at 720p. Episodes are accompanied by photo galleries of 720×480 pixels that you can download in zips.

As you can see, there is not much to write home about regarding the collection’s quantity or quality. This is a pity because the videos are actually pretty good. With loads of deepthroating and gagging. These sluts collect sperm from multiple men, then swirl and gaggle as if it was a drink of champagne. They then swallow the cocktail even opening up their mouths to show they really swallowed it. I’d highly recommend you refrain from watching this nasty shit while taking lunch.

The collection is not that huge and the quality doesn’t make up for it, but if you love extreme blowjobs, then you will find plenty of faptainment on Sperm Swallowers. These ladies are really insane otherwise how do they retain jizz from multiple men in their mouths and then gleefully swallow it? It is disgusting, but entertaining at the same time. An unholy alliance if you will.