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Mr. Skin promises you a fast-forwarding to the good parts of all Hollywood movies and TV series produced since 1999! These guys watch every new movie or TV series that is released and observe the sexual or intimate moments that they cut out to make a collection that every guy who loves late-night adult movies will want to see. The good parts, in this case, may be that golden moment when a celebrity removes her top or undresses completely or engages in some sexual activities within the movie or TV series.

Over 20,000 actresses have an episode archived in this collection. Actually, most of the celebrities that rose to fame in 1999 have been featured on this site. Therefore, if you love a certain celebrity and you haven’t seen her completely nude without a top, you can check out her nude photos here.

Mr Skin has a huge wealth of videos and pictures that you can watch for ages before exhausting or getting bored. The videos are normally short clips covering only the sexy parts in the movies. When pooled together, the clips add up to over 550 movie hours. The guys also add some clips and pictures every day so the site will continue becoming larger and larger with time. You can follow up on certain series or look at all the materials from a certain celebrity since the content is organized that way. For instance, they recently added some new series like “19 Favorites of 98”, “Breastfeeding Scenes” and many other exciting series to watch. Additionally, the site offers movie reviews and ratings. Celebrities are also well described with complete bios and lots of gossip about their activities. You can leave comments and ratings after viewing the episodes.

The quality of the clips largely depends on the quality of the original movie or TV show but you can expect resolutions of about 640×360 pixels at least. There are some HD clips with 1280×720 pixels though and it looks like you will be getting more of these from now on. You can browse the clips by categories, series, or playlists. The latter option gives you all the clips that have a certain theme in one place. For instance, there are those with bottomless celebrities, topless, and so on.

The collection also includes photos and screen captures. The quality is hit or misses here. Some are HD while others are standard in quality but most of them have specs of up to 1000×600 Pixels. If you are a great fan of celebrities, then you will be happy to see them topless, bottomless, or completely nude in video clips or picture sets. The mammoth collection here is well worth the membership bucks.