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ModelMediaAsia, just like the name suggests, takes you on a sexcapade to Asia where you will be getting off some hot and horny Asian babes. Most Asian porn sites mostly focus on Japanese babes, but you will be pleased to discover a treasure trove of smut featuring Chinese babes who [surprise surprise] are as nasty as their Japanese counterparts. Content revolves around the reality theme covering a range of categories. There are 289 scenes of nothing but Asian decadence, with all the videos available for streaming and downloading in Full HD. There are no download limits to deal with so you can grab as much of the filth as you can and never run out of fap materials.

For The Love of Chinese Honeys

If you have been masturbating to Asian porn for as long as I suspect you have, then you agree with me that there is an acute shortage of sites focusing on Chinese porn. Mostly, the Asian porn industry revolves around Japan. It is actually understandable as Japan’s porn industry is one of the biggest. They also have some of the sassiest babes, but who says Chinese bitches cannot be their match? The site is currently offering you a collection of 289 movies that you can stream and download in 1080p Full HD. They are adding multiple new videos every week so there will always be a fresh fuck flick for you to check out. Most premium sites have a download limit, but not which allows you to download as much of the content as you can. This will be music to your ears.

The collection covers a variety of categories including some unusual ones. For example, the Occupational Series features professionals having sex in the office, on a plane, on the radio, etc. The Variety Series is all about X-rated game shows while the Vintage Series is self-explanatory. Others include Squirt Game which is a Squid Game parody. Some like the A Bin Series will take some getting used to, but whichever category you pick is going to have Chinese baddies stripping, masturbating, riding cocks, and flaunting their fellatio skills. The site is also decent in terms of usability. I love the minimalist design and the smooth navigation. You can browse the content by categories with options to sort and add videos to a list of favorites. The basic search feature will also go a long way if you have something specific in mind.

I don’t normally think language is a big issue as far as porn is concerned, but it is on this site. As you will discover, some of the scenes put a heavy emphasis on the conversations. In some videos, the sex doesn’t start until after 20 minutes or so. With no subtitles, you will miss out on the conversations. I also didn’t like the moving watermark that bounces across the screen. It is a distraction you can certainly do without.

All things considered, is a decent place for you to quench your thirst for Asian porn with a distinct Chinese flavor. They have a decent collection of high-quality movies covering many categories and appealing to your dark and twisted fantasies. The lack of subtitles is an obvious bummer, but the sex and the lineup of performers make up for it.