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So, what are we expecting from a site called MeanMassage? Well, a massage with a mean side to it. Allow me to explain. The women masseurs here are adept at giving massages, but there is a twist: they tie their clients up and then give them a handjob, mostly without letting them bust a nut. Some of these guys will be lucky to have a happy ending, but some are left to nurse their blue balls. There are 125 such scenarios and although the site promises sparking Full HD, most of them are only available in 720p. The good news is your membership comes with access to the Tug Pass Network, unleashing more high-quality porn for your fap sessions.

Massage with a Femdom Twist

That’s probably the best way to describe the content you will find on It is all about female masseurs dominating their male subs by tying them up, stroking their cocks, and refusing to give them the happy ending they crave. Sometimes, these domes even mock their subs’ penis size as well as their futile efforts to break free. That’s largely what you will be wanking to. The site promises videos in ‘stunning HD quality’, but it turns out most of the videos are only available in 720p.

Not exactly unwatchable, but how about keeping your promise for fuck’s sake? Considering other sites are already offering 4K videos, these guys have some way to go before they can play in the big league. At the time of writing the site has 125 videos with a matching gallery packing high-resolution pictures that you can download in zips. They don’t seem to be adding content or at least haven’t done so for a few years which will be disappointing. The dates indicate that new content is being added, but they have cunningly left out the years so they may as well be rotating videos.

The collection here could certainly be bigger, but at least your membership with access to the Tug Pass Network which is handjob/blowjob heavy. This adds hundreds of mainly high-quality videos covering the HJ niche for you to get off. Some of the sites in the network include Ebony Tugs, Teen Tugs, and Over 40 Handjobs. Sure, none of them seems to be offering ‘mean’ handjobs, but so what?
The site also has a competition in which you stand to win sexy prizes among them a Fleshlight (surely you know what that is). All you have to do is increase your activity on the site including leaving your feedback in the support pages among others. is economical with its updates, but it still has enough content to keep you around for a while. But you will not have to fret about the lack of updates anyway because you have access to other sites in the network. The quality, at 720p, could be better and they will hopefully start adding more Full HD videos in the near future.