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Is the Kink VR pornsite from the utterly amazing creative porn audio called Yes dammit, they are! In these days of people always conforming to the mainstream, it’s a blessing to have a porn studio like because they are catering to a market that’s hungry for the alternative hardcore. This means all the many different niches contained in the larger BDSM category. If you have never dipped your toe into the dark waters of humiliation, orgasm denial, bondage, slave punishment and obedience, spanking, electrical play, cosplay, ball gag, edging, fucking machine, rope bondage, masks, fisting, femdom, lezdom, Hitachi, gaping, medical, latex, foot worship, caning, clothespin, etc, well you better be ready cause this pornsite Is bringing it all in hardcore virtual reality resolution beauty!

And one can argue that this pornsite gives you a real chance of putting yourself realistically in the role of a master dominator or a submissive male/female. That’s because virtual reality destroys the line between real and not real as it’s so damn impressive on the senses of sight and sound! If you have never seen a virtual reality video, you are in for a double treat on this website. has many pornsites that it runs and it makes sense they are now entering full force into the virtual reality market. In this pornsite they are also catering to the amateur watcher who hasn’t dug themselves deep into alternative bdsm niches, so some of the videos are ‘tamer’ than what people normally know this studio for. But also they have the super abusive and painful hardcore that takes the subs to the threshold of madness and pleasure and throws them right over the edge!

Inside KinkVR are videos with point-of-view camera action that concentrate on the importance of putting you directly in the action. Naturally, virtual reality videos are more complex to create and this affects how quickly a pornsite can make them. But this pornsite is working on it, with more than sixty films already. The more important thing to note is that every video uploaded will be very different with different models and niches. And the website promises to make updates every week so that should increase the variety as well.

Some of the models seen here have been well-loved in other productions in the alternate porn market, some are new, some are pornstars, and the variety of body types is very wide. You’ll get immersible 3D resolution, 5K resolution pixels for films, 180-degree views, binaural sound, perfect editing, various backdrops matching the BDSM theme of the video, and multiple virtual reality formats for different devices. With each production, they have made some digital pictures available that are super nice, but the concentration is on video production. You can use devices like Vive, Oculus, PSVR, Gear VR, and Daydream, and if you run into problems of how you can play virtual reality videos information is abundant online. There are discount offers for purchasing virtual reality headsets that you can take advantage of.

You’ll get access to more videos inside BaDoink VR as a bonus. On this website, the design is minimal and simple, it’s just videos, girls, help, and login options in the menu. The website insists that they have the best dominatrix masters, submissive petites, and intense dominating males and submissive ones as well, all here to cater to the darkest fantasy you have in BDSM hardcore. You are very welcome to stream or download the films as you see fit. KinkVR is a paradise for people looking for top studio production of 5K resolution videos in the most ferocious porn frontier of them all, hardcore BDSM, so don’t wait, obey and join!