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This is a UK based site featuring a FakeCop by the name of Sergeant Montgomery. The guy is not a real policeman but he dresses and behaves like one with the intention of seducing girls into sucking and fucking his cock. He exhibits alpha qualities that attract many girls to him. Initially, I though he intimidates the women into fucking him but on the contrary, the women are actually attracted to him and many of them actually make the proposal to suck his dick. Nevertheless, he finds many gorgeous UK ladies on the wrong side of the law and he offers them limited choices including sucking and riding his cock to regain their freedom.

The UK ladies featured here range from young girls to hot and busty Milfs who have always wanted to fuck a cop. The site has about 60 movies currently which is a good trial given that it’s the newest in the Fake Hub Network. Other sites that you will find in the network include the Fake Agent UK, The Fake Hospital, The Fake Taxi and so many others. There is nowhere else to get so much reality action starring the hottest amateur babes from UK.

Videos here are mostly shot in POV style so it appears like the cop moves around with a HD camera ready to film his sexual adventures. You will normally see the girls kneeling and sucking his cock in various indoor and outdoor locations. Surprisingly, the videos are very high in qualities and can be downloaded in 1080p HD files. Other lower resolutions options are also availed just in case you might want to use them. There are picture galleries as well with images that look fantastic. They don’t provide zip file downloads though so you might want to browse them online.

Everything here looks cool except the navigation system which lacks advanced search features. However, you can easily spot a good scene by looking at the huge thumbnails provided in the members’ area. All in all, the action is very entertaining and provides great pussy, oral and anal sex that you cannot get anywhere else.

The FakeCop girls are naturally beautiful and include the hottest amateurs that you can spot in the streets of London on a blight sunny day. The quality is fantastic, the amount of content is good enough and the price of admission is fair enough. If you love British girls, check out this site and request your password.