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Fake Taxi is another hilarious site from the Fake Hub network. A taxi driver is out on a humanitarian mission that will involve giving free rides to gorgeous ladies in the streets of London, Prague, and other European cities. The ladies are very thankful for the help and are willing to get intimate with the driver to show their gratitude. Before long, the guy is checking inside their blouses to discover the goodies that lay there. The girls then strip readily for the guy to enjoy himself however he likes. He gives them the cock to suck and then fucks them from pussy to the ass in the backseat of the taxi before dropping them off.

As a member, you will also be getting access to the whole of the Fake Hub Network so lots of real action will be enjoyed here. Among the other sites that you will enjoy include Fake Hospital and Fake Agent. Fake Taxi alone gives you over 214 episodes that are about 30 minutes long on average. You can view these movies in MOV (1280×720; 5000K) or WMV (1280×720; 5000K) in case you want to download them. There is also a streaming option in Flash that offers HD specs as well.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures but the bonus videos, live feeds, and personals more than compensate for that deficiency. You will also encounter a basic design with only a few tools to use in navigating. The videos are presented in pages of thumbnails so you can browse one page after the other looking for something that catches your eye. There is also a model index to help you when searching for girls. Speaking of girls, expect to be greeted by at least 750 hot amateur ladies from the UK and other corners of Europe.

Updates normally come within three to four days for this site and within two days for the whole network. Considering the huge library that has already been compiled, this network should keep you entertained for many days to come. Therefore, if you are looking for some entertaining movies involving street pickups that end up in hardcore action in the backseat of a taxi, go grab your pass right away.