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FacialAbuse Coupon Review:

I guess you have a pretty good idea of what to find on a site called FacialAbuse.com. But I’m a fair dude and I understand I also have fucking dummies reading my review so I’ll tell you everything you need to know and explain it to you as if you were a toddler. If you swear by your love for rough, intense, and extreme blowjobs, keep reading because that’s exactly what the site has in store. The girls here are not just made to suck cocks, they are pushed to the very limits. Besides the deepthroating action, there are also anals, double penetrations, and fisting among other nasty things. With messy facials concluding the scenes, there is never a boring day in this dark paradise.

Taking Blowjobs to Raunchy Levels

Make no mistake, some of the girls here are not giving blowjobs for the first time, but nothing they have done before could have prepared them for what they are about to face. The site name perfectly sums up the action here as these babes are having their faces fucking abused. The dudes here have no sense of mercy, violently pushing their huge meat rods deep inside these girls’ mouths, making them gag, choke, puke, and even cry. But alas, they are not satisfied. They follow this rough treatment with slaps and degrading insults which unsurprisingly to those of us who understand female psychology, the girls seem to enjoy the indignation.

And if you thought being roughly facefucked is the only thing taking place here, you are mistaken. There are double penetrations, rough anals, fisting, and much more. As far as I can tell, most of the bitches here are amateurs or at the very least, first-timers, but I also saw quite a few professional cum dumpsters. However, no one has it easy from the green-horned first-timer to the seasoned pro. The action is so extreme that sometimes, the girls have a bowl of their vomit dumped on their heads! Not to mention that the scenes end up with the dudes dumping their load on the girls’ faces.

FacialAbuse has a pretty big collection with 718 videos. To prove that rough sex is consensual, videos start with interviews where girls talk about things they like/dislike as their male counterparts playfully tease them. There are no 4K videos as far as I could see, but the raw hardcore action will more than makeup for the lack of sparkling quality. It’s not like videos are grainy or mediocre in any way. Just don’t expect fancy productions.

In the rare event that you want to take a break from this mess, you can check out other sites in the Adult Doorway network including The Handjob Site, Pink Kitty Girls, Nasty Little Facials, and Joe The Pervert. The bonus sites have 4K videos, but you can only unlock them on a VOD basis. Most of these seem to cost $4.50 which is far from cheap, but it’s a good option to have. All said and done, you will struggle to find a raunchier, more hardcore, and rougher blowjob action than what they are servicing you at FacialAbuse. The girls are on the receiving end of some intense facefucking which coupled with anal action, fisting, and rough, hardcore fucking make this a great destination for extreme blowjob lovers.