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Quick DateSlam Review:

This is the full report card on the things, girls, categories, videos that DateSlam is bringing! So this pornsite has a lineup of babes, and you are about to start watching some interesting concept collection inside. It was going to only be a matter of time before someone somewhere somehow saw it very fit to incorporate social media into porn. In addition, it is not like they just give out links to the social media accounts that they run, nope, they use social media to locate fuckable babes! The guy decided to use all sorts of networks and sites out there to get in touch with horny females. While others would be using the social media, (like facebook and twitter and all the rest) for connecting with family and friends, this guy uses them for hookups!

The internet is great, it connects us all, and the next step to connection (according to this pornsite anyway) is to fuck and they do enjoy it. For example, in the category section, (after telling you about the different preferences that people have towards the kinds of babes they’d love to fuck), you will have selections of anal, babes, big tits, big ass, blonde, blowjobs, brunette, creampie, cumshot, deep throat, red head, small tits, teen, Asian, British, Russian and Czech girls, and more! Now, it is one thing finding such ladies, such fine samplings of wet pussy lips and hot mouths to suck cock, but another different thing to convince the babes to fuck and film. And since this pornsite is a new entrant since they started last year filming and uploading, you can expect to have relative small amount of content thus far.

What they do have includes pov scenes showing mostly young beauties, as they model and take selfies and eat that giant shlong and enjoy its thick white sauce that finally comes\cums out! Anyway, according to promises made by, its weekly updates of more sexy girls. It’s also like 1 hour long films these, and being shot in the first person camera angles allow for you to enjoy the fantasy of being the guy with camera (you know, like it’s you the babes are looking at, sucking at, moaning for, and you giving them creampies and orgasms) . The website is designed for fluent access, having information about model name, age, weight, run time, likes, description write up, and tags categories.

DateSlam high quality videos are 1080p resolution. Option of multiple file formats is reduced to one main format, mp4 files, but this works on all players there are, so no real problem there. Pictures are either the guy snapping digital resolution images, or selfies by the babes. Of course, quality of the selfies will be lower than the rest. Now, they need to add some bonus stuff or make that update machine work overtime so that they have more content, if they want more eyeballs watching their pornsite!

That being so, the clips already in here offer entertaining fun mainstream hardcore porn you can enjoy. The ladies who have done this for you to enjoy are amazing to watch and come with innocent to tattooed bodies, so its nice variety.