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Border Patrol Sex is a spanking new adult action series that brings into focus what happens at the borders. Unlike the shootings and drug smuggling that you see in most of the border action movies, the only shooting that you will see here is cumshooting. The border cops here arrest anyone trying to cross over to their country but for the gorgeous girls, they have a different arrangement for them. They can let them cross as far as the girls give them what they want and that has to be a hardcore banging right there on the border. For the girls, that’s not too bad especially when you compare that with a prison term or deportation.

You will see quite several girls getting fucked here and even though they want us to believe that the thing is true, the sight of girls like Kayla West, Kimberly Gates, and Selma Sins makes me doubt the whole setup. I have to give them the benefit of the doubt though. These girls could have become drug traffickers, who knows? All in all, it is a great idea from these guys and you might see a few sites trying to copy this brilliant idea shortly.

These guys are just starting and they have done about 12 videos so far. They have not compiled any photos though but I guess the hardcore action is their main interest. The movies are sparkling clear in true HD at 1920×1080 @3400kbps.There is always a new episode coming up every two weeks.

All the movies can be had from the index page in the members’ area. There are enough browsing options to take you through and the download speeds for the movies are super fast. The videos are also well described so you get to know what transpired in each episode.

This is a brilliant idea for a reality site. The cops are horny as you know since they operate far from home. Whenever they spot a girl trying to cross, they know it’s hardcore sex time. The whole thing is captured with digital cameras at 1080p HD. This is brilliant stuff.