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ATKPremium Coupon Review:

ATK Premium is a sibling to the ATK Kingdom sites that work together to bring you different variety of girls for your enjoyment. This one specializes in young adorable amateur girls who are trying their luck in porn. It is biased towards the softcore content with photos outnumbering movies in their collection. However, you will still find some hardcore fucking taking place only that it is done romantically and gently. The girls are fetched from Europe and America as well.

There are over 8,016 picture sets on the site as we speak. Each set is a basket of around 100 pictures so that is roughly 801,600 pictures waiting for your porn-loving eyes. The pictures are clear and sharp with up to 1024×1536 pixels. They are the kind of pictures that exert a magnetic kind of attraction on your eyeballs.

As I have mentioned, the guys in hardcore movies are a bit gentle on the ladies and fuck them with love and care. Anyway, these guys don’t show up in all movies, you will see the chicks masturbating on their own or pleasuring each other in beautiful lesbian scenes that you will love. In total, you will be getting slightly over 3543 movies if you check them out immediately.

The site is being updated very aggressively with at least six updates every week. In these updates, you get several movies accompanied by around 1500 pictures. This is a lot of fresh content to get within a week. In other words, it’s like getting more than 200 photos every day in addition to the movies. Are you a big fan of teen porn? Fuck it, why am I even asking? Everyone and their dogs love teen porn. I mean, what’s there not to love about young girls going wild? These babes are uninhibited and at this stage of their lives, they are livelier than butterflies. That is before I mention their hormones.

The ATKPremium videos don’t usually follow a storyline and mostly take you right at the heat of the action which is how many of you freaks prefer it. The videos have descriptions although some of them feel made up. For example, there is one that talks of a girl who was so high from drinking and smoking weed that she dragged a dude into her bedroom. Given that you only see them having sex, it’s not possible to know if that’s actually what happened. Anyway, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

I fell in love with the site from the tour page and that did not change when I looked inside. The layout is great, the viewing options are more than you could ask for (QuickTime, WMV, MP4, and Flash) and the quality is tops. If you are searching for a site that can give you sweet amateur babes with a few pornstars appearing once in a while, this is your site.