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ATK Petites is a special ATK Kingdom site that specializes in very tiny chicks that can be easily mistaken for school girls. Weight lifters can easily lift them up with one hand. They are small and light but sexy and naughty when it comes to handling the cocks. The girls meet with some well-built guys for some incredible hardcore fucking. It’s even unbelievable how the muscular cocks get through their tight pussies without causing any damage. Anyway, the girls seem to enjoy it so I guess they are used to it. If you fantasize about taking advantage of a very tiny chick and fucking shit out of her, this site will actualize all your fantasies.

These chicks are more than willing to partake in any kind of sexual activity including masturbation, lesbian, fetish, and hardcore sex. Most of them are white but a substantial number consist of exotic girls. You can expect to see Asians, Latinas, and even ebony chicks in their lineup. These girls normally come in very seductive clothing like short skirts and they readily strip naked and pose for the camera before they get down to the business of the day.

Even though one girl may be seen in more than one scene, new ones get added once in a while in their updates. There is therefore a lot to see in terms of variety, number of girls, and the overall amount of content. You will find more than 1500 videos and over 4500 picture sets on their shelves. Most of the videos play for around 15 minutes while the picture sets carry from 100 to 150 pictures each.

There are a few minor issues that need to be addressed in their navigation for things to flow perfectly. For instance, all the category options are not located on the search page so you have to dig deeper into the photo galleries where you can see more options to browse categories like blowjobs, lesbians, and toys. Despite the hitch, everything else looks fine. They have for instance provided a search function that you can utilize in filtering out the content by the hair, color, race, age, build, and so on.

Quality is also great with pictures being offered in sizes of 1600×1062 and there are zip files to use when downloading them. The videos on the other hand are offered in WMV, MPG, MOV, and FLY formats with the WMV offering the best quality at 1280×720 @6200K.I really couldn’t find much to fault this site for. The girls are tiny as promised, there is a lot of content to see and the quality is the best I could hope for. ATK Petites is an all-around great porn site that every porn viewer should find enjoyable.