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  • Met Art Discount

    Save 68-75% off now.

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    Quick Met Art Review:

    MetArt boasts a very huge database of members who have remained faithful to the site for a long time. This is due to the high quality erotic pictures and films that the site has continued to provide since it was launched back in 1999.The site specializes in softcore content where gorgeous girls across Europe get to strip, show of their assets and engage in girl/girl plays.

    For a softcore site like this, you can expect a mother load of professionally done photos. In total, you will be looking at more than 15,000 picture sets which translate to more than 1.4 million pieces. As if that is not enough materials to blow up your mind, they give you more than 1,100 videos together with the photos for one ridiculously low price. More than 2,900 models call this site their home so you will find a lot of gorgeous bodies to admire.

    I found their movies packaged in MP4s that offer up to 1920x1080p.The photos are also large and sharp, opening up into large image sizes of 7300x4900p which are packaged in zip folders.

    Navigating the site does not require any specialized knowledge since there is a model index, an advanced search engine and many other basic tools to help you browse conveniently. Scenes are well described and models have biographies that you can check out.

    Met Art has always been an easy site to recommend especially for those who know the pleasure of viewing erotic films and professionally done softcore pictures like the ones found in this site. Whether you are looking for quantity or quality, you have every reason to check them out.

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  • Buttman Promo Code

    Save 76-87% off now.

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    Quick Buttman Discount Review:

    If there is anything that I admire in a woman, it’s a good round ass. I normally see a good number of them on the streets and I would go spanking them if only it was not illegal. Anyway, since the first time I set my eyes on the content in ButtMan, I have never looked back.

    John Stagliano is the guy behind the wheel in this site and as you know, he is the most famous ass worshipper of our time so you can expect one crazy ride. The guy has been working with Evil Angel for a long time and as you already know, these guys are very good in gonzo sex. In fact the videos you will get at this site are produced by Evil Angel studios. You can therefore rest assured that the quality is tops.

    You will get gorgeous asses getting paraded, rubbed, spanked and drilled in the most amazing way. All this action will be unfolding in over 163 DVDs, each of which run for around 120 minutes. This translates into a huge amount of quality content that can be streamed in-browser or downloaded in WMVs and MP4s which achieve specs of up to 1920×1080 playing from 2000k all the way to 7000k.

    Butt Man has resumed their busy schedule of updating videos and photo sets almost daily so you can look forward to fresh content more often than not. Updated scenes come with descriptions, performers list and tags.

    The package includes a gallery of photos in excess of 339 sets where each set contains 75 pictures on average.

    With ButtMan, you are assured of more than 840 movies and an additional bonus of about 20 sites. They have over 316 well loaded pornstars so a lot of gorgeous asses will be on display here. Huge cocks as well as toys will find a lot of work to do. If you love nice asses, then you deserve to have a membership here.

    87% off

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  • VideosZ Discount

    Save 41-68% off now.

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    or only $9.99 per month yearly


    Quick VideosZ Review:

    With VideosZ, you can say goodbye to the many trips you make to buy DVDs at the stores. Here, you get over 15,407 high quality ones at a throw away price. From these DVDs you will get to carry over 90,185 porn scenes that would otherwise cost you a fortune.

    In these movies, expect anything that happens in porn including anal drilling, gangbangs, facial cumshots and all the other categories of hardcore sex.

    In their archives, you will notice consistent improvement in the way the content has been presented over time. The newer the video the better the quality and the more the download options that you get. Currently, you are getting high definition movies that can be streamed or downloaded in a number of formats the best of which comes in HD MP4 files. There are also good AVI files that you can rely on.

    With such a huge collection, sorting out content might look like a nightmare. However, the guys behind the site have done all the necessary work to ensure your tour is smooth and enjoyable. Sorting out materials is simple using DVD category, Series, pornstars or studio.

    They don’t have any photo sets. However, porn movies are in the right quality and the amount is enough to make your cock drop off. The scenes contain rock-hard sex that will make your balls wither. If you don’t fear any of these repercussions, go there now and get a membership.

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  • Hegre Art Discount

    Save 60-70% off now.

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    or only $12.50 per month yearly


    Quick Hegre Art Review:

    This is a high profile softcore site specializing in nude and erotic photography done by the pornography genius of all times by the name Petter Hegre. This son of man knows exactly what you want to see when you are looking at a woman. He therefore puts more focus on capturing clearly those female assets that counts. He is an award winner with many years of experience below his belt.

    Since the site is more about art, we start by looking at the photos. You will get more than 3,300 photo galleries with each set containing up to 60 photos. They all look superb in their numerous resolutions with the largest of them achieving up to 3000×2000 in size. These will definitely set you on fire.

    In addition to all those photo shoots, you will be treated with 515 sensual films involving striping, hand jobs and fingering. A few of them will take you through some mind blowing massage sessions.

    I am sure you will want to keep a few of these movies in your secret porn folder. Getting them will be very easy since the movies can be downloaded in MP4s, HD Windows Media, and QuickTime as well as AVI files. There are MP4 versions that will work on portable devices.

    Hegre has travelled far and wide in his nude pornographic adventures; you can read his interesting stories, take a look at the BTS films and catch some cards that you can dedicate to your friends. If I was looking for a softcore site, I would not hesitate to join Hegre Art.

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  • Team Skeet Discount

    Save 68-85% off now.

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    Quick Team Skeet Review:

    I normally feel nostalgic whenever I remember being the bad boy when I would go out hunting for young chicks and setting up fucking dates. Every weekend was a fucking weekend. Luckily, the girls never got to know each other and my name never appeared on the FBI list of wanted teen fuckers. That is why I took my retirement into Team Skeet.

    The network offers access to 19 sites with hot teen girls performing in blowjobs, POV, solo as well as hardcore drilling. Together, the 19 sites gives you access to over 1,700 movie scenes with over 1,737 sets of photos to go with them. Most of these movies especially the newer ones offer HD quality options of up to 1080p.The movies are downloadable in WMW and MP4 formats. Streaming is also possible using Flash.

    The site has not benefited from any facelift in the recent past, but the design has remained straightforward as always with a model index and an advanced search engine. You can start sorting out content from the individual sites or rely on the available search tools to browse the whole network.

    Updates are coming on a daily basis and download speeds are very high. TeamSkeet turns out to be a great site for the lovers of teen sex and a membership will be a valuable entertainment asset.

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  • College Rules Discount

    Save 50-75% off now.

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    Quick College Rules Review:

    College life comes with freedoms as well as challenges. Students are expected to handle challenging courses and sometimes survive with slim budgets. As the semester progresses, stress continues accumulating. This is when fucking buddies become useful in spicing up college life and helping to reduce stress through blowjobs, lesbian loving as well as rock hard sex action that enables the release of the much needed feel good hormones.

    Guys at College Rules sponsor the action and get the opportunity to capture it on camera. The best performers are awarded $5,000 which is a great incentive for the young college couples to fuck their best. It is also a good Corporate Social Responsibility Idea and the site can easily boast being the only porn company offering scholarships to the best college fuckers.

    In about 89 full videos, you will come across a variety of the best and naughtiest college girls getting pleasured and having fun performing kinky acts such as greasing and sliding down a hall and having threesomes and many other crazy stuff. You will also get them captured in 89 high resolution photo sets as well as video caps. You can stream or download the HD movies and save the high resolution photos for your future use.

    CollegeRules is a small site but the content is airtight and the girls are young and hot. I don’t see how anybody will get disappointed.

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  • Perfect Gonzo Discount

    Save 34-75% off now.

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    or only $9.95 per month for 360 days


    Quick Perfect Gonzo Review:

    I did not find the site to be perfect as its name suggest. However, I really enjoyed the gonzo content in here. I found more than 1,745 scenes across their 10 network sites. Although I was not able to watch all their movies, I watched a number of them from a few of the sites including Ass Traffic, All Internal, Fist Flush and Tames Teen. Everything looked superb from the design of the site to the quality of the videos.

    Perfect Gonzo has been around since 2003 and they have continued to update a few times every week for all those years hence the huge shitload of content in their warehouse. Most of their movies are massive HD quality MP4s that are downloadable as full length files. Accompanying them are super quality photos that achieve 5000k to 8000k and 1920x1080p in size. These are perhaps the best shots that you will come across in any site. They are zipped and downloadable.

    Navigating through the network turned out to be a very awesome experience due to the nice design and the availability of ample tools to browse and sort out the content. Among these tools, you will come across a model index, cross-links, an advanced search engine and many other useful tools. With these elaborate tools, anything in the site is just a click away.

    You will get multiple updates occurring across the network every week making this mega site continue to grow steadily. If you love watching hardcore gonzo sex movies and prefer getting them from a massive and high quality source, then PerfectGonzo is what you have been looking for.

    75% off

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  • SnapLeaks Discount

    Save 63-83% off now.

    Join now for only $14.95 for 30 days

    or only $7.95 per month yearly


    Quick Snapleaks Review:

    There are a number of leak sites that promise user submitted content where you can watch real sex happening between real lovers. Though I find it hard to believe that the content is not staged, their amateur girls are hot and they appear natural and real. Every time I visit one of these sites, I end up spending more time than I expected watching one video after the other. It was pleasing to find out that guys at Nasty Dollars have finally come up with a network of the best amateur leak sites under the umbrella of Snap Leaks.

    With SnapLeaks, you can now access six of these sites for the price of one. Among them, you will be happy see Black GFs, Crazy Asian GFs, Dare Dorm, GF Revenge, Horny Birds and Crazy College Girls. If you have visited some of these sites before, you know that their crew comprise of hot college age girls who are out to make love with their boyfriends through cock stroking, sucking and fucking in the most natural settings. You will also get strip shows that end up in hardcore action.

    These sites come together to give you 726 movies that can be streamed on the site and 726 set of photos that can be downloaded in zip files. The quality of content is good across the network and there is great variety of hot amateur girls to check out. Membership is definitely worth having.

    83% off

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  • Videobox Discount

    Save 60-76% off now.

    Join now for only $12.00 for 30 days

    or only $8.00 per month yearly


    Quick Videobox Review:

    If you want to destroy yourself with porn using a few bucks, just enter VideoBox. It is the largest porn ocean where you will finally drown if you are not a professional swimmer in porn waters. In this DVD site, you will get virtually all categories and niches from some of the most popular studios in the industry.

    Perhaps I should first give you an idea of what I am talking about by mentioning the amount of content that members are getting in the network. Their more than 18,000 online DVDs come together to give you more than 100,000 scenes of hardcore porn. You can hardly watch all of them unless you reincarnate into another porn watching life after this one.

    As you try to watch as many movies as you can from their powerhouse, they continue to spoil you with about 43 updates of new DVD scenes every other week.

    When you decide which scene to watch, you will get the option to use any of the two WMW versions or the three MP4 versions. You may also use the Roku box or Apple TV option if you prefer. You will be happy to get a well organized site with an easy navigation despite the huge amount of content. There are so many categories to choose from and basic browsing tools as well as advanced custom search tools come in handy.

    A lot can be said about Video Box but the bottom line is that the site is very massive, the quality is great and the price is simply ridiculous. Check it out and start enjoying porn content that you will never exhaust.

    76% off

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  • Digital Playground Discount

    Save 51-68% off now.

    Join now for only $14.99 for 30 days

    or only $9.95 per month yearly


    Quick Digital Playground Review:

    Digital Playground is a real stadium of adult entertainment. The only difference is that there is no ball to kick so the boys result to kicking the gorgeous models. Throughout, you come across 828 sexy models that are ready to be scored in the hardcore action that is unveiled in this playground. Every time a model gets on stage, your cock gets excited the way a football fanatic gets excited when his best team scores. This one is an all inclusive site that covers all the popular niches.

    You will get anything and everything including solo masturbation, lesbian loving, threesomes, anal and many other categories that you can think of. In total, you will get the 828 models performing in over 2,937 movies. You will also get them captured in the same number of photo sets that are downloadable in zip packs. A good percentage of their movies are HD in quality especially the ones posted in recent years. If you get the time, you may also check out their extras as well as their virtual TV which provides more porn to watch.

    I must give credit to their photographers because they appear to have gotten it right. They have captured the models in world class shots and the design of the site allows you to access their work with so much ease. You have been given so many options to use when searching their content. You can use series title, keywords, scenes and many other options. The site is already busting with porn content and more keep coming in regularly.

    Unless you are not comfortable streaming the movies on the site without downloading, you will love the hardcore action going on in this mega site.

    68% off

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