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  • VIPissy Discount

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    Quick VIPissy Review:

    At VIPissy, you are treated like a very important person. Where else would women line up to show you their pussies as they pee in front of you? It’s only in VIPissy where you will get some of the most gorgeous ladies on the net peeing and getting peed on in front of digital cameras. Some of them will do it while all alone while others will do it together as a group. The action doesn’t end there though. There is no way they can just show us those delicacies and then leave. They have to get a good hardcore banging that such naughty ladies deserve.

    Actually, there are over 114 such movies that have already been uploaded. Still, more keep coming on a weekly basis so this is bound to be a mega pissing site in the coming days. The movies are offered in a variety of MP4 formats, one of which is a Full HD option. There are Windows Media files too that you can decide to use. To see the movies, check out the section labeled “updates” .They have also produced pictures which are contained in more than 100 photo sets at the moment. You can access them from the section labeled “galleries.”

    I really didn’t encounter any challenges when trying to access their content. From the updates section, I could see all the movies that are available. There is a model index and you can rate or leave a comment relating to a particular model. There is also a feature that allows you to favorite your best scenes for easier access to your best pieces. There are tags too that enable you to get related content from categories like blowjobs, wet pump and degustation. You can even influence what gets uploaded in future by writing a suggestion to the producers.

    There is nothing as arousing as seeing a gorgeous chick peeing in front of you and when lesbian or hardcore fucking follows, it becomes a Cuming moment. VIPissy has a lot of gorgeous girls getting naughty for the camera and when the boys come along, the place becomes a beautiful hardcore fucking arena. Anyone who would love to have a peek at women peeing will want to get membership here.

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  • Ass Parade Discount

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    Quick Ass Parade Review:

    Ass Parade is an exhibition of booties where most of the girls with the largest butts on the net come to display them to the onlookers. If you have never attended a booty show before, it’s your time. You will find huge, gorgeous asses being displayed here but that is just the introduction to a great adult show. Later on, some guys will come along to inspect, spank and fuck those asses in all hardcore ways. Even pussies will not be spared here.

    At the moment, has about 471 movies that have been uploaded since 2004 when the show started. The movies are about 30 minutes long on average and feature a long lineup of Latinas, brunettes and blondes in the debauchery. Mind you, the 471 movies are just the tip of an iceberg since the site is part of the Bang Bros Network which is made up of about 47 similar sites. Fortunately, you are getting all the other sites as a bonus once you sign up to Ass Parade. If you ever require additional stuff in the ass category, you can check out other similar sites in the network like the Big Tits Round Asses, Chongas and Mr Anal. Anyway, if you prefer any other hardcore categories featuring any other type of girl or action, you have over 40 sites to explore.

    Once you sign in, navigation is not a problem at all. There is a long list of categories to choose from. In case you are not looking at any specific category, then you can sort by dates, trending scenes, most viewed, most liked and so on. There are many other sorting options including a model index and you can browse from this site or go to the main network area. There are pictures and screen caps which you can browse onsite or download in zips. The pictures vary in resolutions with the best having 2000×1333 pixels. The movies also come in different quality settings. There is a WMV (852×240), a mobile format at 484×360 and a HD MP4 at 1280×720.

    There is no other site where you can get an exclusive ass show like the one you will find in this site. When you combine this with over 40 bonus sites and daily updates, this becomes an unbeatable offer.

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  • Mommy Got Boobs Discount

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    Quick Mommy Got Boobs Review:

    Mommy Got Boobs is a fantastic site for any pervert who fantasize fucking older women. In this site, you get some busty older women mostly above 35 years. This is the time when their libido is in top gear. They simply can’t wait to get hold of a muscular cock to suck as well as have it throbbing in their wet pussies and asses. There are so many hot Milfs to get you off in this site and if you are really into this kind of sexual fantasy, you should not waste any of your precious time looking for a better option since it might never come by.

    This site gives you at least 310 episodes covering any conceivable hardcore sex between a few lucky dudes and the gorgeous women. If the title of the site has not ringed any bell in your mind, then I guess you don’t know the Brazzers network. Actually, MommyGotBoobs is one of the 29 sites that you get in the Brazzers network. That should be good news because you get all the 29 sites when you sign up through this site. Obviously, this should also tell you that a lot of hardcore reality movies are also waiting for your arrival.

    The videos are really beautiful especially due to their high resolutions. There are a number of format options that you can choose from once you have decided where to start. Among them is a WMV at 1280×720, an MP4 at 768×432 and an MPEG at 768×432.The good news though is that they have now upgraded to 1080p HD and bitrates can even go beyond 10,000K!

    If you are into mature horny ladies with unbelievably large boobs, wet pussies and spanking gorgeous asses, you should be excited about Mommy Got Boobs. They have so many Milfs and most of them are top stars of all times. The movies have a reality aspect where you see the boys approaching the milfs, seducing and fucking them on the spot whether it’s in the office or anywhere else. You are now getting these movies in 1080p and I doubt you will come across this kind of a deal anywhere else.

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  • Hardcore Gangbang Discount

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    Quick Hardcore Gangbang Review:

    The title of the site describes pretty well what you end up getting here. It’s hardcore sex where one woman gets penetrated by many guys. One of the guys will be working on the ass, another in the pussy, one in the mouth and two more getting hand jobs. It’s crazy and these women love it that way. If you love some nasty and rough sex in HD quality movies, you should be excited about this site. You are getting the package for $35 which means you must be into this kind of action for you to consider joining since the site is fairy small and there are no bonus sites in sight.

    There are over 118 movies at the moment but the site is still expanding with weekly updates. The videos are normally offered in WMV and MP4s with standard to HD resolution choices. Among them include WMV (1280×720; 1600K), MP4 (1280X720; 5000k) and Flash (1280×720). Its great quality overall and the camera work is professional too. You can download a full movie or use the shorter clips in case you want to see what is in the full movie before you embark on downloading it.

    You also get over 118 picture galleries with 300 pictures each on average. There are zips to use when downloading and the pictures come in different sizes to choose from. Even though there are no bonuses in sight, there is a cam show and a forum where members can interact with each other as well as the models and owners of the site.

    The site design is basic and very simplistic. It works well at the moment but I guess they will need to rethink the design in future when the site becomes larger. The content is put in index pages so you can browse from one page to the next. It’s really not the best design that you will get out there but accessing anything is still easy at this time.

    Hardcore Gangbang is not a perfect site by any means. However, if you like seeing women suffering as they get punished and pounded in all holes by a group of bad boys, there is nothing that should prevent you from getting a membership here. Yes, the site is still small and there are no bonus sites but the action is hotter and harder than your standard hardcore movie.

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  • Discount

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    Quick Review:

    Penthouse has been manufacturing porn since 1965 when pornography was only accessible in print. It is a brainchild of Bob Guccione, one of the most renowned British pornography prodigies of that time. Through the Penthouse magazine, this guy built a brand name that has stood the test of time. The dot com era saw the magazine establish a site where they uploaded all their softcore materials. They then embarked on producing softcore movies with their amazing crew. Their videos were largely softcore involving solo girls and lesbian loving but they have also produced quite a lot of hardcore movies in recent years.

    Before you sign up, you are given a free preview that lets you see everything that you get as a member though you don’t really get the permission to download or stream anything before you have bought a membership. From the tour, you will see that most of their girls are the top stars in the world of softcore porn. You will see all their pets and DVD titles that you can access with your membership. Upon signing up, you will get to a page that is almost similar with the tour page. From that point, you can embark on browsing and downloading or streaming the videos. Sorting can be done by category, ratings, popularity and dates. It’s well organized with most of the tools that I look for in premium site.

    Turning my eyes to the numbers, I could see more than 910 videos with over 260 of them having high resolution playback. There were more than 3200 picture galleries in their picture department. The best movies have a HD 720p option but there were others with resolutions starting from 480p from the MPEG, WMV and Flash options. They have also optimized the videos for portable devices. Pictures can be viewed in slideshows or saved in zips with the best displaying at 4000×2667 pixels.

    The good thing with is that it offers many of the categories that most guys search for. They have amateurs, pornstars, Asians, anal, toys, threesomes, voyeurs, blowjobs, fetish, housewives, blondes, brunettes, masturbation, reality teasing and anything there between. Unless your fantasies are out of this world, you will find something to enjoy here. You might want to take the tour and see if you like what you get.

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  • Sexy Hub Discount

    Save 81% off now.

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    or only $5.83 per month for twelve months


    Quick Sexy Hub Review:

    Sexy Hub is a porn hub that comprise of five different sites that can be accessed with one password for the price of one site. It’s mostly lesbian oriented though hardcore sex is also covered widely in some of the sites. The network sites include Lesbea, Massage Rooms, Dane Jones, Mom XXX and Girlfriends.

    Each of the site focuses on a certain kind of unique niche. For instance Lesbea deals in filming girls kissing, caressing and making love to each other in very heated sexual scenes. Massage Rooms on the other hand focuses on slippery and very erotic massages where girls turn each other on and engage in some lesbian loving. Dane Jones feature couples engaging in similar sexual acts. Girlfriends is all about gorgeous girls pleasuring each other too but Mom XXX brings in some Milfs getting fucked by boys in hardcore action that you will definitely admire.

    At the moment, the site is boasting over 980 full length movies and over 900 picture sets that members can access from the various sites. This is a lot of awesome stuff that you can enjoy as a member and you can look forward to new content being added almost on a daily basis. Each of the movie runs for about 20 minutes while picture galleries supply about 100 pictures each. A list of over 321 models will also be seen so there is no time you will find yourself getting used to any of their girls.

    When it comes to the viewing options for the movies, there is MP4, MOV, WMV and a mobile version to use when downloading. The highest resolution you will get here is the 720p HD option. There are other lower resolutions too starting from 480p.You can view on the site or save the videos in your hard disk. The same case applies to the pictures which you may also stream or download in zipped files. The quality of the images varies from 926×617 up to 1200×800 pixels.

    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a network with hardcore Milf sex combined with lesbian and hot massage shows. I really enjoyed checking out the Sexy Hub pictures and viewing the videos and I have no shadow of a doubt that you will enjoy too.

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  • Erotic Beauty Discount

    Save 67-73% off now.

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    or only $8.33 per month yearly


    Quick Erotic Beauty Review:

    If you like going through sexy photos during your leisure time, this site has so many albums with drop-dead gorgeous European babes that you will want to see. It’s basically a nude photography site that endeavor to photograph the most hot babes in this part of the world in the most amazing positions and in attractive locations. If you know Met Art, then you know exactly what to expect from a site that has evolved from that photography company.

    With Erotic Beauty, you are assured of more than 2000 photo sets. This being a specialist site for the best photographers, there are no videos in the collection. The pictures are however very high in quality normally displaying at 4256×2832 pixels with zip files to download in. In addition to this monster collection of HD quality digital stills, they supply new materials on a daily bases so this is a picture haven that will continue growing very rapidly.

    The presentation of the photos at the site is very good indeed. They have classified them into different categories and the models as well as photographers are well described. Update information is great and the content is presented in a chronological order. The quality of the materials is generally high. I didn’t find any challenges as far as the design of the site is concerned. The girls that you will normally see here are amateurs and naturally gorgeous chicks from across Europe. They are photographed in natural settings too so you will also enjoy the beauty of the surrounding as much as you enjoy gazing at the models. They are very careful with the quality and this is normally 4K. Professionalism is also observed in all their photography works.

    Sometimes, you will want to build your collection of hot photos that you can check out when you can’t afford a lot of time to watch movies. This site can help you in building such an archive that you can even peruse when you are caught up in a jam on your way back from work.

    The good thing about Erotic Beauty is that they have specialized in nude photography pictures and perfected them. As you know, many sites start well in the initial stages but end up becoming jacks of all trades. A specialist site like this that doesn’t even concern itself with movies is rare to find. With your $19.99, you can get your foot in the door to this amazing collection.

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  • Devils Film Promo Code

    Save 76-82% off now.

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    Quick Devils Film Review:

    Devils Film is super collection of DVDs that cover hardcore films ranging from straight to anal and gangbangs. If you want to see hardcore movies from the latest DVDs, you don’t have to make a trip to any stores, you can get any of these DVDs in this site. I found some very exciting series here by the way like Creampie for the Straight Girl; Squirt on My Black Cock, 65 Guy Cream Pie and many others. In fact, if you love interracial movies, you will get some of the best here. Their girls are so gorgeous and the squirting is real. This is one site that I will be checking out very often in future.

    There is a mammoth collection of DVDs here that can keep you away from the sun for quite a long time. Currently, there are 1154 DVDs which amounts to more than 5812 movies. Additionally, lovers of photos are also well taken care of with more than 303141 pictures being included in the offer. To view movies, there is an option to stream or download and you can use the MP4, WMV or Flash formats depending on your preferences and the machine that you are using.

    There are no concerns on the quality. If anything, not many DVD companies out there manage to produces movies in the kind of quality that I saw here. At their best the videos have resolutions of 1920×1080 and plays at 5000kbps.These are in the MP4 format and are mainly the newer additions. If you happen to dig deeper into their archives, you will come across other lower resolutions starting from 720×480 which is of course the best that the cameras could offer at the time of filming. Photos are presented in resolutions of about 800×1200 pixels. The user interface is fairy good with great browsing options and search facilities. The update information is Okay and download speeds are high too. The only thing that they probably need to include is an elaborate listing of the titles.

    Devils Film is no doubt a great destination for hardcore guys. The site has a monster DVD collection and they update the site each and every day. At the same time, you also get spoilt with huge bonuses that come in form of sites like Peter North DVD, White Ghetto, Tera Patrick, Squirtalicious, Silvia Saint and many other popular brands. This is a site that you can’t possibly resist.

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  • BangBros Discount

    Save 51-68% off now.

    Join now for only $14.95 for 30 days

    or only $9.95 per month yearly


    Quick BangBros Review:

    Update 2017:

    BangBros Network; well here, you get to have a look at websites such as – Glory Holes Loads, Colombia Fuck Fest, Magical Feet, Milf Soup, Ass Parade, Monsters Of Cock, Ball Honeys, Mr. Anal, Blowjob Fridays, etc, – and this is just like 9 sites out of a potential 30 websites! That is not insane, that is legendary! This place is the number one competition against other mega networks online, and they are demonstrating super network powers!

    Based on just how much you will be in for watching, well no one can really give you numbers that are completely accurate. That’s because of the updates, they seem to like random selection of sites to update, and they do it daily. So at the end of the week, there is more, and already the numbers are well above, let’s say, eight thousand (for the sake of showing you how mega this place is).

    However, don’t even think about nothing else other than great feature movies, a gigantic amount of stars, and network services. This place is good at services so far they have updated their design to the new animated preview kind. This means as you scroll, there are like gif animations of previews, and they still have the solid menu options to choose from. That includes new videos, websites, categories, girls, and home section.

    Members have been reaping benefit of this place and the hardcore they have for years, have also been commenting, rating, and giving feed back to the network. The studio uses the girls and performers of the latest popularity, so you will find a nice history like overview of the most fuckable beauties online over the years. In addition, cameras show you the close scene of the pussy being brushed with cock, or the wide side view of the various hardcore genres that are all over here. The studio keeps hustling for the best equipment to use in filming. This brings things from HD to 480p for older features.

    There could be some videos even lower, but this will not stop you. You will be drinking in beauty of hardcore made from 2001 all the way to latest feats, and like we said, they update. They have all custom media formats for mobile devices and for pc. They let each website keep its theme and do its thing, the only issue so far is the random updates mode they use. The BangBros Network is never going to call it quits on you; they will be with you for a long time. Be with them, do your part, get your membership deal!


    If you want to see some real no nonsense banging on the net, there is no better place. These guys have been doing it for a very long time and they don’t disappoint. They have one of the largest exclusive collections of movies and photos that you can hope to find anywhere. The collection is mainly hardcore sex presented in reality style. Whether you are looking for anal sex, blowjob, hand jobs, masturbation, tit fucking, straight hardcore banging or anything else there between, you will find it in BangBros. You will find teens, mature ladies and even much older MILFs being featured here. So however crazy your fantasies are, Bang Bros will fulfill them.

    This network brings together 22 individual sites covering different porn subjects. Together, the 22 sites supply more than 8000 updates all of which comes with movies, picture sets and video caps. This is truly a monster collection that you cannot hope to exhaust. Things are also kept fresh in the members’ area. You can look forward to at least an update every single day.

    Quality is nice too throughout their member sites. You will be able to enjoy movies in resolutions of 1280×720 pixels at 3000kbps.You can opt to stream or download the movies in which case you will get an MP4, WMV or Flash formats to use. The video caps are very attractive for those who like looking at action shots. Pictures look amazing too with different quality settings to use. The best will be seen in 2000×1333 pixels. Zip files are available for download the digital stills.

    As for the browsing experience, the site worked perfectly for me. Browsing options are more than enough and all the network sites are presented in a similar manner. You can browse from the network or look at the individual sites independently. Update information was fine and download speeds were satisfactory. If you haven’t seen the members’ area of the BangBros discount hub, you can’t really claim to be a hardcore guy. This is the network that initiates guys into the hardcore world of porn. It has a huge database of loyal fans and there is a reason why they have remained one of the most trusted hardcore websites.

    Whether you are looking for young chicks or the older women who are well endowed with huge tits and huge delicious asses, you will find them here. At $14.95 per month, this is a package that every hardcore fan should take advantage of.

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  • Babes Network Discount

    Save 41-74% off now.

    Join now for only $17.99 for 30 days

    or only $8.33 per month yearly


    Quick Babes Network Review:

    Babes Network is a modern classy looking network that has materials from across all the pornography categories. The erotic appearance of the site might make it look more or less a softcore oriented site but the reality is quite different. When you start watching their content, you will see softcore, masturbation, lesbian and even rock hard scenes that will brighten your face and cause your cock to start hardening immediately. Its great stuff overall and I enjoyed every bit of it as I was trying to figure out the right words to describe this awesome network.

    There is more than enough content here for normal porn viewers. The movies are in excess of 675 and the picture sets have already exceeded 673 in total. The movies can be viewed using MP4s or Flash formats with an option to stream on the site or download. Quality is high throughout, the best being 1920×1080.Pictures are also high in quality and they can be viewed in slideshows or downloaded in zips to carry.

    The site looks modern and classy as I mentioned with a very easy feel when browsing. The materials are nicely split into different categories with the photos placed in different sections. You know exactly where to go if you want to see lesbian, solo or hardcore scenes. There is also a model index to use and everything else looks quite in order here. is a site that I have come to like lately mostly because of its departure from the trend followed by most of the hardcore networks. If you want a complete package where you can view softcore and hardcore materials in one gorgeous site, you will find this network one of the best companions that you can have. They are currently giving out membership at a discounted price. You may want to take advantage of the discount window before it closes.

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