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    Quick Review: is a porn site that has been online for a couple of decades. Hot and hardcore movies are all you expect from this legendary site. There is loads of porn here whereby only celebrity porn stars have been featured. The celebs on the site give it a lot of popularity ahead of its competitors in the scene. All the fantastic talents exhibit exclusive scenes that will give you the maximum entertainment that you have always wished for. Content on this site covers a lot of hardcore action that include blowjobs, doggy styles, and facials.

    The library section of this site is large enough and has much of the content that you won’t find in other locations. There are more than 5700 scenes that are contained in 1279 full-length DVDs. Complementing these are 120 photo galleries that feature part of the sex scenes in the extravaganza. The porn stars are many and are always there ready to express their expertise. The likes of Kim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson give the fans the anxiety of visiting the site again and again. Viewing all this content will take a while, but with your $14.97 monthly membership fee, you can never miss a moment. The updating schedule of this site is quite promising as it is done 8-10 times a month. However, the clips and pictures can only be viewed online; they can’t be downloaded.

    The site improves the quality of its content day by day. Currently, the site provides HD videos, but the older scenes are of a relatively low quality. It all requires you to browse through the clips and choose the one with the highest quality option. Clarity of these clips is impressive as the production is well crafted. However, pictures on this site are not such large enough for a full-screen opening.

    Navigation through this site is an easy task although it has not been upgraded to fit the current site status. The content has not been sorted into different sections. All the content has been piled in one part, and you need to browse through the clips to find that which you wish to watch.

    Vivid is a good porn site that gives its fans all they need. Many bonus sites add up to what is offered. Subscribing to this site is never a loss as all hardcore sex fans have a chance to have lots of fun. The site’s growth is progressing and you can never regret having visited it.

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    Quick Sis Loves Me Review:

    Sis Loves Me is popular among porn lovers who have the psych for teen porn stars. It is a mega site in the adult video industry and the young babes featured here are far much comfortable in doing anything in front of the camera. Hardcore sex has been focused on in this site, and the other sexual scenes are just add-ons for the site. Top models are most featured in this site’s content, and they express their naughty and nasty talent without relenting. The stars like Liza Rowe and Jade Nile have given this site the title of being a legendary porn network.

    Currently, this site contains more than 2400 scenes of pure adult content. The material is supplemented by 27 other websites. Therefore, visiting the site at any time of the day will never deny you the chance of getting some new stuff. The updating schedule of the library is also quite impressive; it is done daily and at times twice a day. The schedule is enough to build confidence among the fans making them stick here always. Models featured here are of high class, and their expertise in a wide range of sexual actions has enabled the site to be crowned among many. The site allows membership with a subscription fee of $14.87 only.

    Quality is never an option on this site. In this site, you are assured of Full HD videos with multiple streaming and downloading options. Downloadable clips have res of 1080p as MP4, whereas there is a 720p res for online streaming. Additionally, there are high res photographs that can be viewed online at 960px and also be downloaded as zip files at 1620px.

    Team Skeet is a site that is easy to use and has good user features. There is a simple design that allows you to get the content you love easily. By opening the site, you get the options of well-sorted videos, like, the most recent, most viewed and the top rated. There is also the comments box that lets you share your opinion about the site to the managers.

    There is a large hip of adult content on this site, and all your entertainment issues are solved here. The rare opportunity of viewing hardcore porn from teens has been given to you entirely on this site. Any fan can find his favorite spot on this site. $14.87 is just peanuts when you consider the kind of stuffs that are offered here. Sis Loves Me can never disappoint you at any instance.

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    Quick HotLegsandFeet Review:

    HotLegsandFeet is an adult entertainment site that is a top ranked foot fetish site. The site focuses on the lower limbs in the production of its content. The model directory of this site contains the top celebrities with damn hot bodies. Scenes on the site include solo posing, lesbian and heterosexual action that involves hardcore romps. This site was developed by Denys De Francesco, and it has shown a rapid growth due to their specialization on hotties with succulent feet and luscious, long legs.

    The site has an extensive library with more than 2600 scenes. There is an additional photo profile that contains more than 120 pictures per set. Supplementing these scenes is other sites included in the DDF Network, for instance, DDF Busty and Hands on Hardcore. The updating schedule of this site is quite impressive. It is done 2-3 times a week, which is much better than other locations. Viewing all the scenes is likely to take a while. Hence, it is advisable to have monthly membership subscription at $14.99.

    All the scenes on Hot Legs and Feet are produced with high quality hence every action is well exhibited. They produce 1080p, 4k HD videos that offer exceptional clarity. The videos can be streamed and also be downloaded in their original resolutions. Additionally, there are highly detailed pictures with res of 4000px. The pictures can be viewed online and be downloaded as zip files.

    Aesthetically, this site is attractive in the way its content has been displayed. It is easy to use and browsing through is enhanced by the features in it. For instance, there is a search box that enables the fans to get to the files they want quickly. You can skip ahead or back a few pages at a time; therefore the user experience is much better. Additionally, movies and pictures have been put separately hence navigating through is easy. More advanced features on the site give divisions of the content like the most recent and most viewed. Hence, materials are obtained quickly. There is also the comments section that allows fans to share their opinion about the site. They can also rate the scenes hence increasing their interaction with the site’s management.

    HotLegsandFeet is a fantastic site keeping in mind that it features quality girls and quality content. The themes covered upon this site are very diverse and much different from the average porn content. It is a site that you can sacrifice some bucks for, and if legs and feet are your centers of interest, here is home.

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    Quick Review: is an adult movie website that is well endowed with numerous porn movies that cover different niches in the industry. There are a variety of videos that are capable of putting you in the right mood depending on what you love. In this website you can never miss something that is capable of taking your mind to a different world. The site also features porn stars that are ever eager and always happy to take up their job with all their heart. It is the best site to entertain you to the utmost.

    This site is different as compared to others because of the professionalism that it has taken up. The site outshines many porn production sites that have not embraced professionalism. Fortunately, Holed features celebrity porn stars that have ruled the cyber waves for quite a long time. This is an added advantage to the industry because those involved are tried-and–true sex workers. They are involved in different catchy scenes like competitive monster-cock-sucking, rampant squirting, sensual threesomes and hardcore fucking.

    The site produces HD videos that are updated multiple times on a weekly basis. There are different websites under this site that give you the sections where you can select the type of porn you want to watch. For example we have The 18 Years Creep, Deep Throat Love and other fantastic sites. The site produces nothing but the best porn stars in the current world. All their actions on camera are perfect and whenever you see an awesome sex clip, you can be sure that it’s most likely coming from this site. The videos offered here are mostly in HD with many of them having a 1080p HD resolution option. They are colorful and highly detailed and they can be streamed online and downloaded at 720p res and 1080p res respectively. There are also photo galleries with 1500px res that can be viewed online and also downloaded in the zip files.

    Currently, contains 3080 scenes and there are updates made frequently on a weekly basis. This site has 23 other websites that act as a supplement to the mainstream site. This makes the site a dependable one because of its large library.

    It’s stunning and it gives you the solemn opportunity to entertain yourself with the generous assets that are stored there. The exclusivity of content also makes it outstanding, hence, by trying this site you will never have a reason to regret.

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  • XL Girls Discount

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    Quick XL Girls Review:

    They are plump, sexy and beautiful – and they are juicer when it comes to hot hard sex. They are extra large girls from XL Girls, a hardcore porn platform from the stable of the guys at Score Group. This time around this company is here to entertain their loyal fans with extra-ordinary porn movies featuring plump girls who are weird in sucking and taking on huge cork in their wet pussies.

    This site produces BBW at its very best and scouts for the most beautiful big women you will ever come across on the web. The quality of the content also expresses its high standard while they offer mouth-watering deals to members. And while here targets fans of fat women and erotic hard content, it does not disappoint in quality content too. The scenes can be viewed in full 1080p HD videos and pictures in stunning high resolution. This is a site that has unique theme and exclusive collection of special girls with huge bodies, big melons and fat asses, and meaty pussies. Check on extra large babes like Allie Pearson, Nila Mason, Jennica Lynn, Adrianna Sinn, Anna Beck, Sarah Rae and Charlie Cooper and watch how they respond to rough and intense fuck by stud guys.

    And get the feelings as you watch their huge natural breasts vibrate in the course of hard banging in scenes you’ll have the opportunity to download at any time without restriction. XLGirls is the hottest BBW site on the web – for sure! The actions are explicit, hot and feature beautiful fat-ass babes in high quality movie production. And again, here is the best due to its large and exclusive content. They also offer another plumper site for a price of one as bonus to their loyal members including other stuffs you will discover when finally join as one of the members. With your low membership plan you’ll watch the hottest BBW girls in fantasies like blowjobs, straight hardcore sex, anal, threesomes, solo masturbation and creampie.

    The content is big and there are over 1,890 full length movies as at of this moment which are downloadable and stream-able in MP4s and WMV formats and Flash Media Playback. And if you are a fan of large quantity pictures, XL Girls is a perfect place for you – they have added up to 297,200 stunning pics which are downloadable in Zip Archives. They have been producing enthralling BBW porn since the year 2000 and proved their worth as the best. Meanwhile, these folks continue to update the content daily and add new movies regularly. The homepage is rich in sample scenes and pictures of the models. Sign up now and enjoy extraordinary porn actions featuring extra large girls in hot hard fuck, and get unlimited access to as bonus.

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    Quick DownBlouse Jerk Review:

    You’ll have to maintain your calm when these busty British girls let out their melons to allow you have nice time feeling them, though won’t be able to touch, how bad. This is the story of Downblouse Jerk – a British soft content website starring sexy and busty babes in erotic nude movies and captured in the best quality items.

    The girls are eager to get aroused and possibly jerk off to your pant. They are endowed with the best sets of huge breasts you will ever see on the net – definitely you’ll love this site for bringing such an amazing selection of girls to your view. And thanks to the quality of the production which enhances clear view of the scenes. There are movies are produced in full HD while the latest episodes are made in the super quality 4K UHD.

    While the quality of the site and that of the production reflects the standard of Downblouse Jerk, the quality of the girls is one area I can’t just stop mentioning here. With some dirty talks on how to enjoy their swaggers, the girls will tell you how to masturbate and where on their huge tits to off-load your hot cum. This is a masturbating encouragement site which is very interested in taking your sexual arousal much higher by featuring among the sexiest British babes on the web. All the scenes are made in full length and offered as exclusive items to members. The guys behind the scenes make sure to update the content daily and promise to make more exciting movies with sexy and busty girls.

    See the excellent work done on the tour page where there are plenty of preview scenes and huge collection of the models’ pictures for your viewing relaxation. However, with your subscription, you’ll fully enter into exotic lives of lovely babes of Downblouse Jerk who will always be there for you to get a clear view of their magnificent boobs which can push you to reach to your pant.

    The video collection is big and as at today you will get up to 1,000 full HD movies to download and stream in various formats and flash media. The photo section is also huge and you can pick any of the pictures in zip archives – and do not be surprise to see a lot of new movies and photos added to the collection whenever you check back.

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  • All Fine Girls Discount

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    Quick All Fine Girls Review:

    All Fine Girls claim to be the future of porn and looking at their girls and the kind of movies that they offer, I have no reason to doubt them. They have seriously hot girls with looks and posing styles that will make you say Wow. They all seem to be very young and tender with petite and fit bodies that you will ever see on the internet. The 18 to 23 years old girls will be seen engaging in beautiful and hot sexual encounters including solo posing, masturbation, lesbian sex and hardcore fucking through the ass and pussy. And all the hot action will be brought to you in up to 4K Ultra HD quality.

    Most of their girls have European origins and have perky breasts and tight asses. There is great variety though with some of the girls being the big and busty types. But generally, they prefer slender girls with firm tits and asses. And unlike what you get in the mainstream hardcore sites and networks, the action here is slow, gentle and sensual. There are great solo masturbations and foreplay that leads to very strong orgasms even before the fucking begins. The guys take their time to kiss the girls, rub the pussies, finger them and eat them out before penetrating them with their huge cocks. You also get to enjoy plenty of close-ups in the process as well.

    The quality is very sharp as promised. You can download the movies in MP4s that offers qualities of up to 4K. There are 1080p HD options as well with 1920×1080 pixels in screen sizes and up to 8 Mbps in bitrates. You get a wide variety of format options to choose from though so you can opt for anything from 360p to 480p to 720p.There are mobile-ready formats as well that you can use. The same case applies to the pictures which can be access in various sizes the largest one having 4000×2666 pixels.

    All Fine Girls offers a wow-worthy collection that lovers of more sensual sexual encounters that lead to genuine orgasms will want to see. The site boasts over 340 exclusive movies and over 420 sets of pictures that members can enjoy. Members also get Wow Porn as a bonus in addition to regular updates. The site features a very advanced members’ area with all the necessary and fancier features to browse the materials. For such a cheap membership price, this one is a goldmine.

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  • PlumperPass Discount

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    Quick PlumperPass Review:

    If you love things that come in big packages, PlumperPass is the site that you should check out. They offer natural women with cute faces, big bouncing breasts and big delicious asses. With these kinds of girls, you would never require a heater in your room because they would warm it for you. And after a hard day’s work, you would bury your head between two big jugs while your cock swims and get massaged inside hot, wet and fat vagina. But before, you get one in your house; you can enjoy great action from the girls of this site.

    There is a lot to see here. As a member of Plumper Pass, you have access to six premium sites, all of which feature gorgeous plump women in all kinds of hardcore action. There is softcore posing and masturbation with toys as well as hardcore pussy pounding. Asses are also not spared and many of the movies also end up in beautiful cumshots. Lovers of interracial stuffs are well taken care of too. As you explore the network, you will come across titles such as BBWs Gone Black, Hot Sexy Plumpers, Big Babe Blowjobs, and Plumpers at Play, First Time Fatties and BBW Dreams.

    Few BBW sites offer HD quality but this one is quite an exception. Lately, they have been adding HD movies with specs of 1080×720 pixels and the older movies also look fine at 640×480 pixels. You can grab a WMV or an MP4 file and there are mobile-ready files as well. The movies are huge with many of them playing for 25 to 40 minutes. Pictures and video caps are also good-looking and can be viewed online or saved in zipped files. The photos are varied in sizes depending on the uploading dates. You can get anything from 665×480 pixels to 1500×1000 pixels. A gallery normally comes with 100 images or more.

    I didn’t find a lot to complain about here. All the PlumperPass women have cute faces and carry big assets both in the front and rear sides and the quality of the movies is good to great. The amount of content is also huge with their library having more than 550 movies and picture galleries stocked since 2006. They also update very aggressively with at least six fresh items being added every week. It’s definitely worth your time and money.

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  • Brazzers Network Discount

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    Quick Brazzers Network Review:

    The Brazzers Network are the real bros when it comes to smut production. They have been online for decades and they are known for producing high quality hardcore movies featuring big breasted and big assed Pornstars. You will see virtually all the top girls in the porn industry including babes like Monique Alexander, Anissa Kate, Ava Addams, Marsha May, Staci Carr and so many others.

    Actually, Brazzers is not a single site but a conglomerate of over 30 sites produced by the same studio. All the sites have original and exclusive content that can only be found in this network. The materials are varied in terms of the girls covered, the categories and fantasies. For instance, there are sites oriented to big tits like Big Tits at School, sites oriented to big asses like Big Wet Butts, sites oriented to infidelity and taboo fantasies like Moms in Control and many others. As expected, you can look forward to anything hardcore including anal sex, cock sucking, tit fucking, threesomes and so much more. Actually, all your mainstream hardcore sex action is available here in large quantities.

    The statistics of the network are very impressive. Over 6,345 movies are available at the moment and more seem to be trickling in multiple times each and every day. Of course they have older sites that have slowed down but they keep on adding new sites to the network whenever they find a new fantasy worth exploring. So many galleries are also provided for your viewing pleasure.

    Technically speaking, the Brazzers Network has an elaborate navigation system that lets you find what you want very easily. You can browse all the porn in one place or use filters to get more specific items. You can search by model names and model types or go into more details by searching their characteristics like type of sex, type of fantasy and so on.

    Quality has never been a problem at all. For quite a few years now, they have been providing movies with specs of 1920×1080 pixels and bitrates of over 12 mbps. You can download them in MP4s and there are other lower resolution options as well in case you need them. There is a streaming option too and it gives equally impressive specs. Pictures look nice and they come in zipped folders for downloading. You can also browse them online if you want. If you are hunting for high quality hardcore sex movies featuring the hottest Pornstars online, Brazzers is the network that you should check out.

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  • FakeCop Discount

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    Quick FakeCop Review:

    This is a UK based site featuring a FakeCop by the name of Sergeant Montgomery. The guy is not a real policeman but he dresses and behaves like one with the intention of seducing girls into sucking and fucking his cock. He exhibits alpha qualities that attract many girls to him. Initially, I though he intimidates the women into fucking him but on the contrary, the women are actually attracted to him and many of them actually make the proposal to suck his dick. Nevertheless, he finds many gorgeous UK ladies on the wrong side of the law and he offers them limited choices including sucking and riding his cock to regain their freedom.

    The UK ladies featured here range from young girls to hot and busty Milfs who have always wanted to fuck a cop. The site has about 60 movies currently which is a good trial given that it’s the newest in the Fake Hub Network. Other sites that you will find in the network include the Fake Agent UK, The Fake Hospital, The Fake Taxi and so many others. There is nowhere else to get so much reality action starring the hottest amateur babes from UK.

    Videos here are mostly shot in POV style so it appears like the cop moves around with a HD camera ready to film his sexual adventures. You will normally see the girls kneeling and sucking his cock in various indoor and outdoor locations. Surprisingly, the videos are very high in qualities and can be downloaded in 1080p HD files. Other lower resolutions options are also availed just in case you might want to use them. There are picture galleries as well with images that look fantastic. They don’t provide zip file downloads though so you might want to browse them online.

    Everything here looks cool except the navigation system which lacks advanced search features. However, you can easily spot a good scene by looking at the huge thumbnails provided in the members’ area. All in all, the action is very entertaining and provides great pussy, oral and anal sex that you cannot get anywhere else.

    The FakeCop girls are naturally beautiful and include the hottest amateurs that you can spot in the streets of London on a blight sunny day. The quality is fantastic, the amount of content is good enough and the price of admission is fair enough. If you love British girls, check out this site and request your password.

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