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  • LifeSelector Discount

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    Quick LifeSelector Review:

    Sometimes you join a site and get disappointed because the actors don’t really get to do what you wanted them to do. Sometimes you want them to fuck in a certain position but they do it in another position that you don’t like. LifeSelector has come to solve all those problems. They allow you to decide what happens between the actors. What happens is that they create a storyline for you and give you the freedom to decide the direction that the movie takes. Every movie contains different clips that offer you different scenarios that you can pursue to arrive at different outcomes. If you like a certain position or a certain sexual act, you are free to choose the clip that follows that direction.

    This is one of the most brilliant ideas that I have come across recently. These guys are allowing you to live your fantasies and view only what you want. Mind you, you don’t even have to purchase what you don’t want. Instead of offering a membership, they sell to you credits that you can use to purchase the scenes that you want. It might seem pricey but in the end, you get value for your money. You can buy bundles depending on how much you want to view and the bundles are not all that expensive.

    They have about 210 episodes at the moment so that is over 600 scenes since each episode comes with two to three scenes. You can view the scenes online using the embedded browser that gives superb quality mostly MP4 (640×360). There are no download options though so you cannot build a collection from here. Once you view a scene and you feel like replaying it again, you don’t have to pay for it again so you are free to check out scenes that turned you on before.

    POV styled movies are supposed to make you feel like you are actually the one getting the blowjobs or fucking that pussy or ass. However, few of them manage to achieve that objective. LifeSelector is enabling you to choose what you want to happen in a scene which gives you the feeling that you are actually the one in control. It’s POV porn in a whole new level here and I guess any hardcore fanatic will want to check it out.

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  • Free Hentai Passport Discount

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    Quick Free Hentai Passport Review:

    Hentai Passport is your gateway to advanced Japanese toon porn where you will see overly sexual women doing perverted stuffs that you have never seen before. Initially, the passport looks pricey to acquire at almost 35 dollars but when you get to see what you are able to access as a member, you realize that you are getting value for your money. If you love fancy girls with funny hairstyles, funky faces, unbelievable boobs and asses and sexiness that cannot be seen in a real worldly women, get the fuck inside Free Hentai Passport and start enjoying the fan.

    All kinds of fantasies are captured here including solo, lesbian, hardcore, group sex and so much more. You will find comics to break your ribs and flash games to play. Overall, you will find things to laugh at, things to engage your imagination and things to whip out your dick for, all in one place.

    Actually, your pass will afford you access to 14 sites with amine and hentai porn in different niches. The sites include titles like Erotic Comic, 3D Adult Comics, Amine Games, Hentai Dreams and so many others. Though the content is not exclusive to this site, it’s probably the biggest collection you can get with one password. Getting the actual number can be a daunting task given the arrangement of the materials but I think 3,965+ movies and 23,562+ images would be a good guess.

    As expected from a collection of this magnitude and nature, the quality varies depending on the source of the video. You will find HD quality in some of the videos and there will be standard formats as well. There is no shared members’ area for all the sites so you have to insert the shared password to get to each of the network sites. Likewise, there are no advanced search features, tags or filters to use. However, there are thumbnails arranged chronologically according to the posting dates and you can select the videos you want from the thumbnail pages. Updates come very often from most of the sites so you can expect something new almost daily.

    This is not business as usual. You are going to find ridiculous boobs and asses being put into serious fucking action using incredible computer technology. You will be laughing and cumming at the same time. Check the Free Hentai Passport out because I have the feeling that everyone will love to see what is happening here.

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